Seoul Garden: SoonTofu Lunch to warm a cold and yucky day

Dear Food Diary:
Cloudy with NO chance of Meatballs today, just icy cold rain…
It’s real yucky outside and one of the best remedies for warming a day like today was the Beef and Seafood SoonTofu from Seoul Garden. So I braved the wind and rain, under my tiny tote umbrella and headed over to k-town, I had to get my fix of Seoul food.
And there it was, piping hot, as I cracked the fresh egg and stirred it counter clock wise, the steam danced around my frozen face… ahhhhhhhhhhhh… felt so good. A little bowl of fluffy rice and a spoonful of soft silky tofu and rich broth, so warm and comforting. Very tasty, umami to the fullest. I make myself believe it’s coming from the seafood and beef mix, but deep inside I know some MSG played a part, anyhow, it’s all good and I love it, so I’m not going to complain. To ask for a more “healthier” way to season the food generally brings a “change” in flavor, think McDonald’s nuggets, ever since the oil and “red meat” were substituted, it just doesn’t taste the same. So let’s not ruin what’s good here, a little msg here and there never killed anyone, no one I know anyway.
Best thing about Korean food? All the “complimentary” side dishes of course. And all this was less than $10!
If I was in the mood for short rib, I could of gotten the HIT: tofu soup + a side short ribs on sizzling plate $13.50 (dinner time is $2-3 extra, still a great deal). During dinner I usually get their Hae Mool Pajun (seafood pancake), crispy and loaded with seafood and scallion and the sauce with scallions, chili and garlic really takes it to an extra level of yummyness.
I left k-town warm from the inside out, still rainy and yucky, but I felt a ray of sun =)
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
34 West 32nd St (2nd FL)
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