Má Pêche: The “Peach” Empire comes to Midtown, while Food Bloggers come together.

Dear Food Diary:

For our first Food Blogger get together, Andrea(high/low/food/drink) organized a nice lunch at David Chang’s newest “Peach” addition, Ma Peche at the chic and modern Chamber Hotel. Ever since the Foodbuzz Festival, Andrea and I’ve been talking about a dinner, but this came as a nice preview, thanks to birthday girl Jen(tiny urban kitchen) who was in town!

Lunch menu was simple and affordable (hard to imagine that with anything Momofuku), but $10 for entree and drink is really not bad, considering my $12.50 salad from Chopt the day before. Andrea had the Banh mi maison (three terrine sandwich, daikon, cilantro) and Christine (fresh local and best) had the Banh mi au poulet (chicken, lemongrass, lettuce, mint), both came warm and the girls enjoy it. I had AnChoi the night before, so I was all Banh mi-ed out.
Here are Christine, Andrea, Michelle (taste as you go), and Jen in action. Aside from the Festival, this is the first time I’m eating out and everyone around the table whips out a camera, it’s quite amusing. Look at the concentration. Jen’s husband waited patiently. We shared how by now, all our friends and loved ones are use to this.
Jen and I shared the Squid Salad and Rice Noodles:

The Goi Calamari – Squid salad, had a generous amount of fish sauce, thai basil, some greens, cucumber strips and peanuts. It was good but not wow, more like a papaya salad, sans papaya. Refreshing and a light starter, not sure if it would be enough as an entree, then again, my appetite is above average.

The Bun du riz – Rice Noodles was a winner. First of all, it smelled amazing as we were taking pictures, I was salivating pressing the macro button. The texture of the rice noodles were nice, soft with a little pull. The pork ragout is seasoned well, there’s sprinkles of crispy shallots, and strands of saw leaf herb or ngo gai, is similar to cilantro, giving the dish a nice fresh finish. The Sriracha-ish chili sauce on the table was the perfect pair.

For $1.85 I got a glimpse of Momofuku Milk Bar with the Peanut Butter Cookie. Big enough to share, it’s nice and crunchy around the edges, love that, and soft and super peanut buttery in the center. Very satisfying and a sweet way to end a lovely lunch with these fun ladies.
I was resisting Milk Bar for the longest time, but I can’t hold off any longer, it deserves a visit. Urghhhhh this love/hate dilemma I have with David Chang is an endless vicious cycle of deliciousness.
All this is just a tease of what’s to come, the restaurant will have a criss cross wooden communal table with looks interesting and might bring diners a different interaction experience perhaps. I want a seat when it opens! For now, before the prices go hmmmm… more momofuku-ish, you should def check it out.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 3.5
Chamber Hotel (mezzanine for now)
15 W 56th st

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