Wafels & Dinges REVISITED: My 1st Post Challenge by the waffle guy himself

Dear Food Diary:

Early August I reviewed the Wafels & Dinges truck. Then, couple weeks ago, to my surprise, Thomas, the owner of the truck wrote me a comment about my post (second comment). So last week, I stopped by during lunch and took on what I call my first post challenge from the waffle guy himself.
I ordered it just as Thomas instructed, just powered sugar. And only told the guys behind the truck what this was all about after my waffle was handed to me. They were very amused by it, and were quick to point out, the dark colored strings on the edge were simply burnt sugar.
The Brussels Wafel did seem to have gone through a makeover, you can tell from the pictures, the previous one looks more dense than this, although he wrote their recipe changed in July and I visited in August.

It tasted lighter and a lot more airy than the one I remember, right amount of crispyness outside vs the soft center. Last time the outer layer was so crispy (almost a little on the hard side), I had a hard time cutting it with the plastic knife, but that didn’t seem to occur this time around.

Even though I only gave it 2 1/2 yummy last time, I did think about going back and giving the bacon waffle a try. The guys in the truck were encouraging me to get it this time, but I figured the powered sugar one was more than enough, so I promised to come back, BUT what do you know!? The “waffle tasting fairy” must of been watching, the one I got had an edge filled with bacon, just one side (they were probably made right next to each other). The smokey goodness baked right in the middle, all together it was crispy, soft, sweet and savory! Those 3 bites alone deserved extra yummy. Plus the waffle guys’ dedication and passion to improve and stand behind his products is to be admired.
I’m not sure if the raw walnuts I wasn’t a fan of are now being chopped or being roasted, all I can say is, he had me at “bacon wafel”. I would order this for lunch on a weekday, with maple syrup and maybe bananas on top and pretend it’s “brunch”.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 3.5