Island Burgers & Shakes: I wanna be Lost on this yummy Island!


UPDATE 8/2011: They now serve fries!!!!

Dear Food Diary:

Walking into Island Burgers & Shakes, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my imagination was held back since the name says it all… or does it?


Real laid back atmosphere, sunny Californian backyard meets surfer lover’s bedroom. This ain’t your typical burger, fries and shakes, same old same old kinda place. Dude, if that’s what your into, go to a diner. To call them creative would be an understatement, mad and burger obsessed seems more fitting. Different breads, sauces, toppings, the variations of a classic beef patty between 2 pieces of carb were endless. Peanut butter? Curried sour cream? Chives? Pesto? Blackened? Fun names, outrageous combinations, my kinda place.
One huge con though, NO FRIES!!! what?! yeah, exactly, that was my reaction too! What on earth? How do you open a Burger joint and not have fries!? Well, when the owners first opened they didn’t have enough mula for a fryer, later on when things got better, they just never bothered having one, this is there thing. Only bagged Dirty potato chips are available or baked ones if your interested, I skipped. Don’t be turned off though, they really make it up with da’ burgers and shakes.


Strawberry Milkshake. Think Haagen Dazs’ strawberry ice cream (the best store bought strawberry ice cream in my taste-pinion). Thick, creamy, icy and sweet, yummy. Distracted me from thinking about fries… ok, maybe it didn’t, but this was like a summer’s dream, fresh strawberries and cream through a straw.


After much pondering, thai peanut butter was fascinating, but my tummy called for Raoul’s (Au Poivre Sauce, Swiss, Mushroom on a Ciabatta) and whatever my tummy wants, my tummy gets.


Look at that sexy babe! I’ve had my share of Steak Au Poivre aka Peppercorn sauce, but never on a burger, genius! Why didn’t I think of that to spice those usual BBQ burgers!? Note to self.
I ordered it Medium and it came perfect. Lean, super duper juicy. A stream of beef juice flowed as I cut it open, all soaked by the sponge like bread, topped with this thick, brandy infused, cracked black pepper sauce on top of perfectly melted, oowy goowy swiss cheese. Add to that sauteed mushrooms and some red onion for an extra layer of flavor and texture, love the slight crunch from the onions. Oh! this is as good as it gets in my book.

My dinner buddy on the other hand had Patty Melt, zzzzzzz… I know! I tried to persuade him into something different, rye, swiss and onions isn’t exciting any way you look at it, but he enjoyed it and well, that’s all one can ask for. Boring but satisfying or classic if you want to be PC.
I feel obligated to mention that if hamburgers aren’t your thing, not sure why it wouldn’t, but just in case, they also offer sandwiches, salads, grilled chicken sandwich and churrasco(grilled skirt steak).
In the end, without fries, it all seemed a little incomplete even though I fully enjoyed the burger, so I had to deduct a yummy rating. If only this place and Pommes Frites got married… what a match that would be huh? That said, I’m totally going back for the burgers again and maybe try the churrasco, red meat is totally my thing, puts me in a good mood. Looking forward to all the other flavor combos, peanut butter is pretty up there on the list, must try or at least convince someone to try it with me.
This was an amazing burgerlicious dinner, who cares about the calories, those got lost once I entered their doors of flavorful goodness. Plus, if you still have room for dessert after dinner, Kyotofu is right across the street! Oh yeah, they also deliver, extra plus.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 4
766 9th Ave (between 51st &52nd)

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