Turning 53rd & 6th Combo into Egg Fried Rice

53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 3

Dear Food Diary:
Since Anthony Bourdain and Midtown Lunch did their post/episode on the Halal Cart this week, this would be the perfect time to share my latest experience.

The other night we stopped by my favorite 53rd & 6th Av for some mouthwatering street meat. Love this cart, the best combo rice with white and hot sauce ever! I brought the left overs home and the next morning realized it wouldn’t even constitute as an appetizer for this Chubby’s tummy (see pic above). With nothing but eggs in my fridge on a lazy Saturday morning, my brain and tummy teamed up and came up with this Street Meat Egg Fried Rice (fried rice is best made with day old rice anyways, rice holds a better texture this way).

53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 2
Crack 2 eggs. Beat it with fork and add a pinch of salt.
53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 4
First empty all the Combo Rice into a non stick pan (lettuce and all). Stir and let it heat up for a minute.
53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 8
Now pour the eggs in. Let it cook a little and start stirring so the eggs cover every grain. The motion is to bring the bottom cooked mixture up and folding it with the raw egg and repeating. Keep doing it until the rice is dry and the eggs are fully cooked.
53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 1
A couple minutes later, this is what I got, but wait, there’s more…
53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 10
I had asked for extra white sauce but didn’t have any hot sauce left, so added some Sriracha instead.
53rd & 6th Av Fried Rice 5
And voila, this was my final lunch. Turned my appetizer left over portion into an entre. It tasted familiar, but the texture changed and the egg took a leading role here. The rice was softer than usual, but the meat held up really nicely, specially the lamb, the spices retained their presence. Lamb fried rice wouldn’t be such a bad idea for next time. Very different, yogurt sauce and fried rice is totally a new wrong, yet so right satisfying and yummy. The kick from Sriracha Sauce was perfect and gave it a sweet, garlicky touch.

This proves once again that street meat isn’t only cheap and delicious, but also safe to eat. So far I’ve heat it up in the microwave the next day and now made it into a fusion dish, and I’m still standing, feeling great and so is my tummy.

Lesson learned, when life throws you left overs, make something fun out of it.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
53rd & Av of the Americas (6th)
Look for the yellow shirts and bags with the round halal logo