Honest Tea: little sugar, a whole lot of flavor

Honest Tea
Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a fan of Honest Tea Honey Green Tea for a while now, so when the folks at Honest Tea sent some over I was delighted. I like how it lets the tea do its job, and the sugar is subtle. Tastes natural, like you just brewed it yourself, love that about it. Simple, refreshing, organic. Perfect for these hot, humid summer days.

From the ones I received, Peach White Tea was hands down my favorite. I guess that’s the China girl in me, I love tea. The white tea is mild and there’s real peach puree. It was like sitting underneath a peach tree on a sunny afternoon, a lovely breeze passing me by. 

The Honest Ades were also quite good and caffeine free. Pomegranate Blue was sweet and tart, I liked the idea of drinking these antioxidant packed fruits. Cranberry Lemonade had a really fragrant, almost perfume like flavor and after taste, not my cup of lemonade for sure. As for me, I’m sticking to the teas, although limeade and orange mango mangosteen sound really good. They also have a new line of Honest Mates out, I grew up drinking mate in Argentina, can’t wait to have a sip of that!

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: