Sneak “Taste” at McDonald’s: New Summer Items and Chic New Decor

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Dear Food Diary:
The PR folks at Mickey D’s invited me to a sneak peek of their new Summer menu items. I wasn’t expecting anything different from the 47th st and 6th av location, I’ve pass by many times without giving it a second thought. After finding my name on the guest list, I headed upstairs (which was closed for the event) and stepped into a Twilight Zone moment. What? Where am I? This is McDonald’s? Chic, modern, colorful and inviting, it looked like a nice cafe, in this case, the Mc Cafe concept. There were manicures and massages while Angus Snack Wraps and Fruit Smoothies were passed around. The menu items will be available soon, but the pampering was only 
for the event, sorry ladies! But hey, Smoothies at McD’s! Awesome.

LAUNCH DATE: 7/13 Nationwide. (Suggested Price: $2.29 for a small 12oz)
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Perfect for summmer. I loved the Strawberry Banana Smoothies. A real fruit combination of strawberries and bananas blended with fruit juice, low fat yogurt and ice. Refreshing, fruity and not too sweet. Nice consistency (I hate it when smoothies are thick with too much yogurt). There’s also going to be a Wild Berry Smoothie made with blueberries, strawberries and
blackberries, can you say antioxidant!?Oh, and you can customize with or without yogurt.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 


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Chef Dan Coudreaut, director of Culinary Innovations at the big giant was there to greet us, the Angus Snack Wraps are his idea. The angus beef patty is wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with 3 choices: Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese, Mushroom & Swiss. LAUNCH DATE: 6/14 in NY and 8/10 Nationwide. (Suggested Price: $1.99 each)

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The Bacon & Cheese tasted similar to their Quarter Pounder sans the bread of course. Red onions, pickles, bacon, american cheese, ketchup and yellow mustard.mcdonals 2


The Mushroom & Swiss had sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and a creamy mayo. Meat, mushroom and mayo, the 3Ms of a yuMMy combination.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:

The wraps were aight, but McNuggets are one of my all time favorites and that will be hard to beat. I’ll definitely be back during the hot summer days ahead for their fruit smoothies specially with that wallet friendly price! For those smoothie shops charging $5 or more, be afraid, be very afraid, the giant is taking over and I welcome it.