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Dear Food Diary:
The folks at the Grand Central Terminal Shops and Market were curious to find out what this Chubby would give her Chubby Daddy for this Father’s Day. Like father like daughter, we love cured meats and mild cheeses. So a Father’s Day Meat and Cheese Platter from Murray’s was the perfect idea to surprise dad. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through food.
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Early morning, met up with their marketing VP and off shopping we went. First stop, Murray’s Cheese. You can actually get pre-made baskets like Father’s Finer Things, Dad’s Simple Pleasures or that awesome Big Cheese hat or t-shirt for your cheesy dad. I like milder cheeses and things that are a little different and really fragrant, so we went on a mini cheese tasting for breakfast, it’s a tough job, I know. I selected 4 which I loved and I’m pretty sure dad would be pleased as well, most of which have some sort of liquor in, yeah drunken cheese!!!

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This one is a real treat, only available for a limited time. Firm and washed in Merlot. The tones of the fruity wine hits you and then sweet nutty flavors accompany this perfectly orchestrated mastercheese. The delicate sweet flavors linger in your mouth just like a good wine would. One of the best cheeses this Chubby has tried.

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I’m captured by the strong walnut aroma, also limited time availability. Washed in Walnut Liqueur the nutty, extra creamy texture melts in your mouth, I couldn’t help but smile. It has hints of sweetness that were a pleasure to my plate. Of the best cheeses I’ve had.


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This Lagrein Wine cheese was smooth, looks hard, but once in your mouth it turns soft. With light hints of garlic, pepper and herbs. I’ve never had Lagrain Wine, but would be a great idea to find it for dad and do the pairing on his special day.

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The creamiest of the 4, it has a buttery texture that I liked, but it’s stronger than the rest, which depending on your taste can be a good or bad thing. 

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After the Cheese, it was off to Murray’s cured meats section. One of my favorite places to unleash the carnivore in me. Oh yes! With the help of the sweet lady behind the counter, my meat tasting began. To end it on a high note, she insisted I have a piece of to die for Jamon Iberico, bless her. I choose 3 meats that went really well with the cheeses I’d picked.

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Really smooth texture and just the right balance of lean meat, fat, and smokyness. Perfectly salty and oh so addicting. My favorite out of the 3. Porky is so versatile and tasty how can you not adore them.

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Smoked beef is a lot leaner than pork, but no less flavorful. Nicely spiced, delicate and not too salty, which makes it delicious as is. 

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This chorizo like salame is spicy, salty and very addictive. It has more fat content than the other two, but fat is flavor and that can’t scare any meat lover away. Aromatic and meaty.

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Along with the meat and cheese, I also got a organic whole wheat bread from the farmer’s market, parmesan cheese sticks, and some sour pickles to add color to the plate, the pickles also help to cut some of the fat and heavyness. Any meat and cheese lover dad would be touched by this on his special day, I know mine would. All this came to about $60, I didn’t use it all, there was plenty left that I devoured off camera with all the dad’s at work.

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If you really want to go all out, I say bring dad some Jamon Iberico, it’s pricy but worth every penny. Sweet, smooth, it melts in your mouth, and the aroma that lingers on is priceless if you ask me. Add some Les Trois Petits Couchon’s Truffle Pate, olives, rosemary bread, herb salami and you’ve got a winner. Step it up a notch with a Luigi Bosca Malbec (Argentinean), my red wine of choice. 

If your dad isn’t a meat and cheese kinda guy (I can’t see how that can be possible) there’s plenty of options at the Grand Central Terminal Shops and Market from clothing, teas, facial products and uniquely fun stuff at Pylones

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