CHOPTANK: Crabs, Friends and Free Beer (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
Thanks to the Tasting Table Offer, my crab lovin’ friends and I enjoyed a fun night of food, chat and free beer!
A casual affair. We sat by the window overlooking the patio area. Nicely lit and comfortable. A good selection on the menu. They even have all you can eat crabs.
We started off with the FREE growler of Abita Purple Haze. I don’t like beer in general but this one is a Raspberry Beer, the only beer I order and actually love. Hints of sweetness and a wheat finish, it’s unique, but I guess not for hardcore beer lovers. Girly indeed.
Spicy kettle style chips and crab cream cheese dip instead of bread… genius! And yes, we asked for seconds and thirds. Did I mention “complimentary”? Addicting… so crunchy, flavored generously, a little salty, spicy and a little sweet hidden in the background. With a scoop of the delightfully creamy dip. Hints of chives, not so much crab per se, but who’s cares! This was an awesome start to what was to come. 
Fish Sticks were super crunchy on the outside, nicely seasoned. Good nibble to start. I’ve never been a big fan of fish sticks in general, they tastes somewhat artificial to me, but these were more “homemade”. 
Fluke Ceviche with Avocado Oil and corn nuts, citrusy, light and fresh. I love fish simply prepared, where the true texture and flavor remain untouched but slightly enhanced, this was just that. Delicate and a great summer dish.
Roasted Wild Mushrooms, was the best appetizer we had. Dandelion Greens aside, the mix of mushrooms radiated natural umami to my tongue. One bite and the evidence of them dancing in the fire just minutes before was apparent. Warm egg yolk is sexy, so when you break this and let it drip onto these amazingly delicious fungus… ohhhhhhh this was a food porn moment. Sooooo goooood. I can’t wait to go back and get another fix. 
Main Event… Blue CRABS!!!!! steaming hot, brought in a paper bag… dumped on our newspaper lined table… oh yeah, our kind of good eating =)
These weren’t no Shanghainese hairy crabs, but I’ll have my crab fix however I can, I don’t discriminate. 
Side dishes are always important. The potatoes were good, but the corn, looked unappealing but tasted fantastic. Once again, proof that looks can be totally deceiving. They were naturally sweet, had a real hard dip in butter, then grilled and sprinkled with sea salt. A little smokey, a little sweet and salty contrast, this is what summer corn is all about.
My first crab of the night. Steamed blue crab generously coated with Old Bay Seasoning. Hints of celery, red pepper, paprika, and such jumped up and down in my mouth, really spicy in a good way. Perfect when washed down with cold beer. 
Not too much crab roe, but enough to keep my tastebuds entertained and wanting more. Sweet and tender crab meat… I could probably do 1/2 dozen on my own. Next time I should do a video of how to best get the crab meat, I have my technique down to a couple easy steps for those of you who are afraid of anything whole or are too lazy to do it, it’s actually quite simple. I’ve done my crab eating training from a young age, LOL.

We all enjoyed our meal. This is on my list of great places for a group, just chill and hang out. Getting our hands dirty, drinking beer, and just laughing and feasting. Must re-do pronto!

There’s still time to take advantage of the Tasting Table Deal (’til end of July). So don’t wait, get your amigos ready and get down there for a really fun summer night. 

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2
308 Bleeker St.
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