DIY: Fresh Dill Smoked Salmon

Dear Food Diary:
At the Asian American Food Fair, I was amused by the creativity of the young chefs at Sato Restaurant in Queens. They surprised everyone with their tiny can “smoker” which they filled with fresh dill, then used a torch to burn the greens and transported the “smoke” with a wine glass. Infused the fresh salmon with flavor on the spot. In a matter of minutes, they made smoked salmon their way and I loved the idea. This is not offered on their regular menu, they debuted this brand new concept at the food fair, but if you order by description, they might just make it for you. If not, you can always try it yourself.

Below, you can find them in action. This seems easy enough to do at home.


The finishing piece was topped with freshly ground black pepper and a dab of sour cream. And while the fresh dill aroma faded, the smokiness was brought forth and the tender fatty salmon’s texture remained the star of the bite, with a nice stroke of cold, tart creaminess to finish.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: