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Dear Food Diary:

A few Sundays ago, as ChubbyChineseBoy and I were walking towards K-town for some Sul Lung Tang (ox bone soup), we stumbled upon the Madison Sq. Mark’t. Eating and shopping, 2 of my favorite things in one place, how could I refuse, change of plans, the soup had to wait.
madison square park market 2

We were having a little disagreement (can’t remember what, must of been silly) as we were walking but then we saw this: 

madison square park market 1
And all our problems went away… Did we just see truffle, bacon, pretzel and cheese on one board we asked? Oh yes we did!
madison square park market 4
We shared the Truffle Cheddar Pretzel. After our first bite, we couldn’t remember what we were arguing about anymore, this was a happy moment of fragrant truffle oil interlaced with salty chewy cheesiness and soft pretzel. The beets puree/mayo looked promising, but mustard had nothing to fear, it held its spot as the perfect match.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2

madison square park market 8
Our little detour before K-Town turn into a semi meal. 
madison square park market 28
Surely it would of been wrong for us to turn down Almond’s Pastrami Sliders. Tender and juicy, but not salty enough. Katz’s Deli makes a better pastrami by far. I liked the pop of each mustard seed and it’s tang. At first glance, the pickles shout it flavor, but they were a little too sweet and the flavors just didn’t balance well, a sweet pastrami sandwich can’t win this Chubby’s heart. 
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 3/4


madison square park market 32
If you look up “sucker” for packaging in the dictionary, chances are, my name is written all over it. We had this fancy soda that really wasn’t anything special, sparkly cranberry juice with a hint of orange. It’s great that they don’t bottle artificial flavor, color or sweeteners, but they also forgot taste. I guess I’ll never learn, but hey! it’s pretty packaging and colors right?
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2


madison square park market 33
Our mini detour meal ended on a sweet note in the form of mini cannoli.
madison square park market 35
Crunchy shell, sweet filling and pistachio. Just the right amount of shell to filling, plus it’s not overly sweet. I usually don’t like cannoli but I liked these. We would of gotten more, but Korean soup was calling our chilly hands and tummies. 
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2


madison square park market 26
There’s enough seats to chill and just do some people watching, eating, shopping and picture taking on a nice afternoon.

madison square park market 5
We weren’t in the mood for pizza that day, but this baby sure looked hot in the middle of 5th Ave.

madison square park market 37
madison square park market 3
madison square park market 25
There’s plenty of options from savory to sweet. With our hearts and tummy smiling, ChubbyChineseBoy and I left content and ready to attack a hot bowl of Sul Long Tang a couple blocks away.  

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