LAST CHANCE to Send Honeybells to your Honey

Dear Food Diary:
The weather has been so gray and gloomy here on the East Coast lately. I can’t wait for my box to arrive. I went home yesterday expecting them, only to find myself empty handed while watching The Bachelor (ok that was a random thought….)Every year, I get these Honeybell Oranges from Gregory Groves. They’re only available once a year and let me tell ya, worth every penny. So juicy and sweet, you can literally put a straw in them. They come with a bib!!! enough said! 

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, maybe send some “sunshine” and heart health to your honey! They might not come in time for Vday, but who says you cant do something nice another time right? You have to order them before Feb 10th… trust me, you’d want them! Some for others, some for you. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait to 2012! So go get some sunshine will ya! Oh yeah, just an FYI, they don’t come heart shaped =)

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P.S. Chubby’s RATING: