Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Chubby in NY POST

NY POST 7_13 article 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s been a crazy morning! I’m on the NY POST 

Last week, Carla Spartos, food editor and writer from the NY Post contacted me about her Restaurant Week story. I shared some of my past restaurant week experiences over the phone and next thing you know, I’m doing a photo shoot this past Sunday and this morning I’m full page in color (page 29-40). If you didn’t get a copy, here’s the ARTICLE ONLINE

Here are some of the shots from the fun photo shoot
NY POST 7_13 article 4
Annoyed at the small portions of some restaurant week… (NOT ALL places, but a good amount of them).
NY POST 7_13 article 3
Taking directions while holding back from laughing at the comments from the table next to me. Two sweet old Irish ladies kept looking over *insert Irish accent* “Oh dear, is she on a diet?” “Poor thing, there’s not even bread or butter”, “That steak is so small”
NY POST 7_13 article 2
Here’s the awesome photographer Zandy Mangold, who I had a fun chat in espaniol. He seriously has the coolest job ever! And our waiter was pretty awesome too!