Summer Fordcast Tour @ AC Food & Wine Festival

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 2

Dear Food Diary:
Still recovering from the fun weekend in Atlantic City’s Food and Wine Festival. I partnered up with Summer Fordcast Tour. Hung out with the crew, learned about the new 2012 Focus features, ate, drank and met new friends.

Summer Fordcast AC Food and Wine Festival 2011 8
Started off at the Grand Market and Italian Village.
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 10 copy
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 13
Tons of vendors, light bites and plenty of wines and bubbly to go around. You could take classes or walk around and nibble on things like bacon cheese.
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 9
Randomly got VIP access and ate and drank some more.

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 12jpg
Danisa Sellers had the “how come I didn’t think of that” product. The perfect party plate. Of course! a hole to put your wine glass while holding a plate. Genius!

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 14 copy
Potito’s claimed to have the best cannoli. I’ll have to agree. The shell was so crunchy yet not too dense. I wish we had one in NYC.

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 11
FIN at Tropicana served up a real mean Lobster Bisque.

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 15

TONY LUKE’S introduced his boxed/easy at home version of his famous cheesesteak sandwich.

I thought the I love roasted garlic machine was pretty neat.

Tummy was full, so I stopped by the Fordcast lounge. 
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 8
There were cars set up, along with twitter updating monitors, sweepstakes and a fun photo booth.
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 6
My 2012 Focus expert looks like the guy from The Hangover, doesn’t he? Super funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 4
As I learned about the cool features like how it can parallel “park itself” and voice activated commands, I was also part of a Fordcast highlight video. 
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 1
The video will be out in about 2 weeks. The crew was fun and easy to work with, even though I was a bit camera shy at first.
Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 3
Got interviewed about, shared some of my favorite foods.

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 5
As the night came to an end, we walked around, had some Rita’s, took a walk by the boardwalk and ended the night playing at Bally’s.

Summer Fordcast Ford Focus 7
Sunday morning, repeated all of the above and headed back to NYC late afternoon. Not in a 2012 Focus (for those of you who asked/or were thinking of asking), though that would of been nice. 
FYI, the Ultimate VIP Sweepstakes is still going on, a chance to design your very own dream vacation (I entered, hope I win!).Enter here