SWEET REVENGE: New Breakfast Tasting

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Dear Food Diary:
This Greenwich Village sweet spot is known for their unique cupcakes with wine/beer pairings, but owner Marlo Scott invited me to try their latest breakfast creations. The Red Velvet Signature Belgian Waffles caught my attention immediately, so I braved the autumn snow last Saturday and stopped by for a complimentary tasting.
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I’ve never seen a cupcake place with a bar, so that was quite cool. Friendly place with one of those small business stories I love. Marlo got laid off, so she made cupcakes out of the lemons life threw her.

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Red Velvet Signature Belgian Waffles with whipped cream cheese, salted caramel syrup and raspberry sauce.
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The waffles weren’t as crispy as I would of liked, but the flavors were good. The batter was light and fluffly. The whipped cream cheese on top really made it (melt in your mouth goodness) and the contrast of the slightly tart raspberry sauce was great. Not exactly like having a red velvet cupcake, but pretty good, though I’ve had better waffles.

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Scotch Eggs 2 hard boiled eggs wrapped in chicken sausage with black pepper panko crust and a side of roasted thyme potatoes
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I never had Scotch Eggs so cutting into this was exciting. But unfortunately it was really really dry. Maybe the chicken sausage was too lean. Or maybe if the yolk wasn’t so overcooked, I wasn’t expecting runny, but something a bit sexier than this would of been nice and helped adding a bit of moisture.

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El Gigante Mornin Burrito with smashed avocado, scrambled eggs, black beans, corn, ham, cheddar, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, onions and cilantro
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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of warm avocado. Everything in theory sounded good, but together it didn’t work for me. Maybe there were too many ingredients. A salsa on the side would of been better or even a simple guacamole. Plus, it was moist but in a weird way, with the eggs in between.

I wanted to love the food but I didn’t. I felt bad since the place was so charming and everyone was so warm and sweet, but I had to be honest with Marlo and Chef Risa, the food just didn’t deliver. They were very humble and open to my suggestions and feedback.

I heard the cupcakes are amazing. Will have to go back for their cupcake with wine pairing.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 2 
(This review is purely for the breakfast menu)

62 Carmine St.
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    This has inspired me to try to make my own red velvet waffles!

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