[ARGENTINA] PERITO MORENO GLACIER: Trekking. Whisky. Alfajor. Boat ride.

perito moreno glacier hike 12
perito moreno glacier hike 14

Dear Food Diary:
We had a fun time and filled our tummies at Estancia 25 de Mayo the day before. Now what we so anxiously been waiting was finally happening. At the crack of dawn, we left from El Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Where we did trekking, drank some whisky with glacier ice, had chocolate alfajores and enjoyed our every minute with this spectacular natural wonder.

TREKKING on the glaciers

perito moreno glacier hike 2
perito moreno glacier hike 5
Geared up and were ready to go!!! I was glad they helped us, since in Iceland, they sorta left it up to us and I don’t try my skills.
As groups of us hiked up the glaciers, everyone looked like ants on a mountain of glistening sugar.

perito moreno glacier hike 11
We were really blessed with gorgeous weather. The reflection of the blue sky, made it magically white and blue (sorta like the Argentinean flag). We explored crevices and tried to get as close to them as possible, which wasn’t easy. Our guides helped us along many unpredictable areas. Some were so narrow, it made me very nervous. But in the end it was well worth it.
perito moreno glacier hike 1
I took a sip of this pure water. Icy cold, perfect after all that hike up.
perito moreno glacier hike 10
While at the top, our much anticipated refueling stop arrived.

perito moreno glacier hike 6
One of our guides went up to chisel away the outer layer and bring us back clean glacier ice for the whisky.perito moreno glacier hike 7

perito moreno glacier hike 8

perito moreno glacier hike 9
It doesn’t really get any better than this! Icy cold whisky that warmed me all the way to my toes. The alfajor (typical Argentinean cookie sandwich, with dulce de leche center and covered in chocolate) made this sweet moment of being on top that much sweeter. I savored every minute.
perito moreno glacier hike 4
As I stayed to help myself with a bit more… I noticed the group leaving and it suddenly hit me, trekking up sober was scary enough, who’s genius idea was it to drink and then go down!? LOL

perito moreno glacier hike 13
As we got back to where we started, we had our lunch (we brought some sandwiches, nothing spectacular). The view was once again breathtaking.


Viewpoint by foot

perito moreno glacier 1

perito moreno glacier 4
Walking around at such height was another sensation, another point of view. So vast and magnificent.

perito moreno glacier 3

perito moreno glacier 5
I’ve never felt so small, yet so thankful to be alive. Breathing and taking in all of this… words and photos doesn’t seem to fully capture…


Glacier by boat

perito moreno glacier 8

perito moreno glacier 6
Getting a closer look of the glacier cave.

perito moreno glacier 2
It was beautiful, though melting away. It had an architectural and sculpture-esque quality to it.

perito moreno glacier 9
We wanted to take home a piece of the glacier as a souvenir, but decided to leave it for the ones coming (ok, mainly because we got caught LOL)

This was one of my most memorable trips and travel experiences. My photos don’t do it justice, I think everyone should must go there once in their lifetime.