New York Chocolate Show 2012 Recap

New York Chocolate Show 2012 Recap

Chocolate Show New York 2012 1

Dear Food Diary:
Last Saturday we went down to this year’s NY Chocolate Show with one thing in mind… make our sweet tooth silly happy. With my press pass in hand, I went off to sampling bite after bite of chocolate goodies like an true chocoholic.

Chocolate Show New York 2012 2

There were some old favorites around and tons of treats I’ve never seen. And though only 6 degrees of separation between the bar and melting in my mouth, some sweet indulgences stood out in the crowd, which wasn’t easy after a couple hours of “sampling”.


My TOP 6 favorites of the show:

Chocolate Show New York 2012 ECLAT CHOCOLATE
After making my rounds, I couldn’t help but take one of their CUZ Toasted Corn Chocolate Bars home. 54%, not too milky or bitter, the toasted corn gives it that popcorn like flavor with a bit more crunch. One of the most unique bars I had that day. While I was paying, their creator/owner/master chocolatier Christopher Curtin (Who  also happens to have created the Good & Evil along with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert) agreed that this also was his favorite bar.


Chocolate Show New York 2012 SALT OF THE EARTH BAKERY
It’s no secret, salt and chocolate are a great pair and a flavor that’s here to stay. At Salt of the Earth Bakery they put a grain of “sel” in everything. From brownies to cookies and everything in between. The Chocoholic Cookie has dark chocolate and sprinkles of Maldon Sea Salt. They weren’t kidding with the name! It’s a bit chewy and as the chocolate chunks start melting, the Maldon Sea Salt flakes just gives it that hint of contrast. Love it! This can cheer me up in any mood. Their brownies were pretty organismic too.

Chocolate Show New York 2012 JAZZ BROWNIES
They add things like orange, dulce de leche and coconut flakes to their brownies, but my favorite was the sesame brownie.  I’ve never had them before, what a great idea! The aroma brightened the chewy bites.
Chocolate Show New York 2012 TACHE
Aside from the pretty packaging and colors (I like pretty), everything is hand made in NYC. Their Champagne Truffles stood out amongst the sea of truffles (literally almost every vendor had truffles to offer). 75% dark chocolate with that delicate boozy hint and pecans all around. Ultra rich and creamy. Worked for me. Plus they also offer chocolate making classes, which I’m very very tempted by.


Chocolate Show New York 2012 CHEZ BOISSIER
One of Paris oldest sweets shop had these chocolate petals that were so pretty and interesting. The flavors were fruity varieties and fragrant teas. I liked the jasmin tea one, the perfume like quality lingered for a while. I couldn’t find a website, but if you’re ever in Paris, here’s the addy. I’m sure the store/packaging is just as unique and cute. Adding to my list for my next trip.


Chocolate Show New York 2012 GNOSIS CHOCOLATE
The raw chocolate tastes a bit less creamy (no dairy) and sweet. Plus, aside from the health benefits of “dark chocolate”, they’ve taken it a step further by adding medicinal herbs (which you can’t really taste, but know it’s there and according to the descriptions, it is of course good for you). It was also surprisingly fruity from the peach. A win-win treat here.


Other things that are worth mentioning:

Chocolate Show New York 2012 CHOC&NUT
Choc&Nut, a dairy free alternative to Nutella. Think Nutella but healthier and organic. Does it taste exactly like Nutella? No. Was it good? Yes!

Chocolate Show New York 2012 CHOCOART
The folks at ChocoArt can make anything into chocolate form! Yeap, even the President and Mario.

Chocolate Show New York 2012 CHOCOLATE SHOP
Brought two of my favorite things in the world, wine and chocolate together! It was good, but I didn’t love it. But it would be great as a gift or entertaining during the holidays

Chocolate Show New York 2012 DEMO
After a couple hours of sampling, learning and seeing all things chocolate I left a happy addict.