[RECIPE]: Dessert Trucks’ Chocolate Souffle

dessert truck 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s not too late to give your honey a sweet surprise. I’m sharing Dessert Truck’s Chocolate souffle recipe from a class I took there a while back.

Dessert truck was one of the first cool food trucks in the city. Later on they opened a shop on the LES and for a while, it was where I got my sweet fix. I was sad to find out they closed! So, here’s my way of remembering them…

Sending them much love in this season of love… those sweet treats will be missed…

Here’s Dessert Truck’s Recipe

chocolate souffle recipe

dessert truck chocolate souffle recipe 4

dessert truck chocolate souffle recipe 3

Those extra push ups would come in handy while making the meringue! wisking away my arms were sore!!! I guess if you have an electric mixer, this would be a breeze!

dessert truck chocolate souffle recipe 2

It’s important to run your thumb along the edge, other wise it might rise up to be a mess!

dessert truck chocolate souffle recipe

And voila! though not perfect, it was the souffle of my labor and I loved every bite. Some raspberry sauce on top would of been fantastic! Either way, I think your boo will love it.


SWEET MEMORIES – looking back.

Where else will I find desserts like that kick ass (literally kicked Bobby Flay’s during Throwdown) Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding, or Warm Molten Chocolate Cake, Passionfruit cake, brioche donuts?

dessert truck 2

dessert truck passionfruit coconut cake
That Passion Fruit cake with the balances perfectly between sweet and tart. Moist, melt in your mouth. With sprinkles of coconut.

dessert truck giant french macaron
Their macarons are the Godzilla of all macarons. Look at the size of that sweet monster!

dessert truck giant french macaron smores

dessert truck chocolate croissant


’til we meet again, whenever that is… DessertTruck …