Soy Hound: artisanal fresh pressed soymilk

soy hound - fresh pressed soymilk

Dear Food Diary:
I was delighted when the founders of Soy Hound sent over some of their artisanal fresh pressed soymilk for us to sample. Using traditional methods, they turn organic soybeans into drops of nostalgic childhood memories for me. Waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh soymilk is one of the few things I can still recall as a ChubbyToddler living in Shanghai.

And even though they’ve added some modern “flavored” versions, the creativity doesn’t take away from the pure flavors of good old fashion soymilk.

soy hound - fresh pressed soymilk 3

Founders Nayana and Victor have one of those cute stories of how their business started. Back from a trip to Asia, they couldn’t find that same tasting fresh soymilk they had throughout the trip. Nayana’s solution? Making her own in her Brooklyn pad. In her words “I spent hours soaking, grinding, squeezing and boiling the fresh soy milk for my boyfriend and myself and until we were finally satisfied. From this hobby it turned into routine cooking and then evolving into a full-on business”.

This goes with that saying “do what you love … the money will come”. Life’s too short the other way around and I’m totally jealous for their leap of faith. Their passion shows in every detail, from packaging, design to the finished product.

soy hound - fresh pressed soymilk 2

Traditional techniques using the finest ingredients. Organic and non-GMO. Organic sugar cane and vanilla.


A handful of creative flavors…

soy hound - fresh pressed soymilk 4

Wbich flavor did I like most?

Well, I knew I would be an Original kinda gal. It’s so pure and fragrant, with just a gentle touch of sweetness.

The Thai Tea flavor surprised me the most. From the deep color, I thought it would overpower the natural soymilk aroma, but it was really light and faint. The tea leafs were present but only for a dip. This also isn’t overly sweet and it was great with our meal of spicy stir-fried chicken and vegetables.

Fresh Ginger had a kick to it! If you love ginger you’ll love this. It sorta reminded me of Asian desserts.

If I had to pick one, Peanut Butter would be my least favorite. It had a powder like finish which was a bit odd to me.


Both StalkerBoy and I really enjoyed having fresh soymilk and would definitely stock up our fridges.
Visit to find a retail near you or order online (made fresh the day before the delivery)


P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4.5


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