ISOLA Mondrian Soho: Beautiful lunch on our special day

Isola - entrance - Mondrian Soho
The only photos StalkerBoy (now StalkerHubby) will let me post of him. Our cousin Y art directed the shot.

Dear Food Diary:
March 28th was our 3rd anniversary and the day we decided to make it legal. We’ve been planning our wedding ever since the proposal. And though the real celebration won’t be until June, StalkerBoy and I decided to do City Hall first.

Afterwards, he picked this beautiful lunch spot – Isola Mondrian Soho to toast the start of our special day. One of the prettiest outdoor dining rooms I’ve seen, even on a rainy day, it looked gorgeous. The entrance was perfect for the capturing special day.

The food was good too.

Isola - dining room
It felt like walking into a chic and modern greenhouse.

Isola - dining room - bar
Bright and airy. I’m so over these tiny little tables at restaurants with no where to sit comfortably or chat. Having space for a change felt wonderful.

Isola - dining room - decor

Chandeliers and a suspended glass still life above.

Isola - dining room - chandelier
Night time should be pretty magical in here. Great place for a ladies brunch or to impress a date.

Being mesmerized by the decor and setting, I was a little skeptical about the food. Italian Coastal. Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar, honestly I was anticipating some overpriced, pretty looking plates that wouldn’t deliver on taste.

Gladly proven wrong.


Isola - tuna carpaccio pizza
Tuna Carpaccio Pizza
I wouldn’t have thought of putting raw fish on warm dough, but it somehow just worked. The base was nice and crusty, holding up the medley of ingredients nicely. The soft robiola cheese didn’t overpower the fresh tuna – not fatty, but still managed to melt in my mouth. I loved the garlic chips with the sweetness of caramelized onions, pickled eggplant and some arugula to break the creamy caper aioli. This paired well with my fruity riesling. It felt like a “light” option, though maybe it wasn’t.


Isola - Garganelli Bolognese
Garganelli Bolognese
Didn’t sound very exciting but the flavors were robust and lush. Very meaty, the pasta was al dente and the shaved ricotta added richness without taking the spotlight or adding saltiness. Heartiest of the 3 dishes we had.


Isola - smoked ricotta ravioli
Smoked Ricotta Ravioli
Smaller than what we expected but the flavors were fantastic. The roasted tomatoes had the harmonious sweet and tart play. Thick and ever present. The raviolis were light and delicate. Braised chicken on top got a little lost, but we didn’t mind it along the spicy broccoli rage and crunchy bread crumbs. Lots of fun textures packed in one bite.


Isola - tiramisu
This version is a little different from a classic take. I found it less creamy. The mascarpone gelato was nice but some parts were a bit icy. Overall it was ok, but I wasn’t licking my spoon with ooohs and ahhhs .


Isola - tartufo
StalkerHubby totally enjoyed this. All his favorites in one plate – fudge brownies, hazelnut gelato, salted caramel cream and hot fudge. I liked a few spoonfuls, but it was too much after that. Overly sweet for my taste.


Overall, we had a lovely lunch and Isola will hold a special place in our hearts. I hear the cocktails are really good and they have DJ’s and parties at nights. Can’t wait to be back.

It’s one of those rare cases that the ambiance and mood of the day might have made the experience even more enjoyable. Regardless, it helped bump it up to a 4 Chubby for me (normally maybe a 3.75)

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4
9 Crosby St.

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