Our Magical Wedding in Bali – Infinity Chapel

chubbychinesegirl wedding in Bali 1

Dear Food Diary:
I’m sure every bride and groom would remember their special day as “magical” – StalkerBoy and I are no exception.

Our wedding in Bali was an unforgettable celebration with our closest friends and family under a beautiful setting.

chubbychinesegirl wedding in Bali - infinity chapel

The Infinity Chapel at the Conrad would best be described as straight out of a movie set. Truly more than I had ever dreamed of.

Though the months leading to the wedding were stressful (specially planning from abroad, trying to make sure it was the right shade of orchid/purple from a computer screen and adjusting to a new full time job), I truly and fully enjoyed the day.

wedding in bali

Starting from make-up to our traditional tea ceremony with the family, chapel and reception, I was stress free for the most part. Taking everyones advice to let go of the small details that weren’t perfect – like the mix up with the “type” of orchid on my bouquet (I was going to cut them off, but the groom and bridesmaids calmed me down) – after a few deep breaths, I just happily let it be.


chubbychinesegirl wedding in Bali 2

The food we served was very traditional Balinease style (Wish I had photos, but I wasn’t taking any for once).

We didn’t want to take away from the natural setting, so we kept our reception outdoors. Days before the wedding, they forecasted rain, but we all prayed and hoped for the best. It turned out a little windier than my hair would of preferred but overall very pleasant. Plus, it was either that or really sticky and humid tropical weather. So we can’t complain.

Our friends and family showered us with so much love. We were overwhelmed in the joy and laughter all 86 of them brought to Bali from across the globe.

I felt so blessed to have shared this experience with friends from different stages of my life. They traveled from Shanghai, Argentina, Toronto and NYC.


chubbychinesegirl wedding in Bali - infinity chapel fireworks

We ended the night with a bang. Fireworks was the last surprise we had for our guests.

And as it lit up the sky, StalkerHubby and I just looked at each other and felt so very very  thankful…


P.S. I know I’ve been very MIA lately, I haven’t forgotten y’all. And this is my way of saying, I’m back.


9 Responses to Our Magical Wedding in Bali – Infinity Chapel

  1. foodiemom says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a gorgeous wedding in Heaven-on-Earth! Wishing you and your husband everything that brings you happiness!

  2. Wow . . . wow!!! I love the Infiniti Chapel, the fireworks, everything! You look stunning and it looks like a phenomenal celebration. 🙂 Congrats!!!! 🙂

  3. Bec says:

    We are thinking of having our wedding in Bali, after seeing your photos definitely sold on the infinity chapel! No idea where to start though!!! Would love to hear a bit more of who/what you used for your wedding!

    • Hi @Bec
      We just contacted Conrad Bali, they have wedding specialists that can help you.
      You can do packages and adjust to your preferences. Or hire a local wedding coordinator. Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

      • Sherly says:

        Hi, your wedding looked stunning and gorgeous.
        I currently lived in states, and im planning on a wedding next year in Conrad as well. Im very stress thinking of every little things that required to make sure the day is perfect. May I ask you lots of questions and advices about the wedding? Thank youuu so much ^.^

  4. Tanya says:

    This is so romantic, congratulations.

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