BAR PRIMI: Dreamy Fiori di Carfiosi (flower of artichoke pasta)

BAR PRIMI - fiore di carfiosi

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been dreaming about that Fiori di Carfiosi from Bar Primi for a few weeks now… that perfect balance of al dente pasta and bacon. Another discovery was Follow Frog Farm peaches. Where have they been all my life?

Bar Primi is very casual, friendly Italian spot by Chef Andrew Carmellini from Locanda Verde (one of my favorite places for brunch and unforgettable trufflepalooza every year), The Dutch and Lafayette.

Fellow food loving bloggers shellyinreallife, FoodJournies and Vonatron brought our big appetites and were ready to “mangiare“.


BAR PRIMI - ricotta bruschetta
Ricotta Bruschetta
Was the perfect starter. The buttery grilled bread had a nice creamy layer of ricotta. The sharp smooth finish brought a little tartness that was balanced beautifully by the sweet Sardinian honey and the freshness of the figs. There was a delicate sprinkle of  rosemary that helped bring the savory and sweet parts together. This would of made a good dessert for those without a sweet tooth as well.

I’m convinced this is where my fig obsession began. I’ve always liked the meaty “sexy” fruit, but this has turned into a total affair. Check my Instagram and you’ll understand. I’ve literally tried to recreate this dish at home.


BAR PRIMI - mozarella, fire-roasted peppers
The mozzarella was as fresh and good as any. The fire-roasted peppers were a nice diversion from the tomatoes (not that there’s anything wrong with tomatoes). It brought sweetness and a smoky finish to the dish. And of course fresh basil.

The pangrattato or bread crumbs on top added a nice crunch. It felt like a beautifully deconstructed sandwich.


BAR PRIMI - stuffed meatballs in sugo
Stuffed Meatballs
The meatballs were nice and moist but rather forgettable. Mainly due to the fact that the night went on with a few other fantastic dishes. I’m sure on any given day if this was the only thing on my plate (maybe with some pasta), I would gobble it all up and lick my plate. That sugo its bathing in has some amazingly intense flavor. Love this traditional Italian pasta sauce with cured pork, pecorino and tomato.


All pastas are made with 100% non GMO flour. And they offer gluten-free.


BAR PRIMI - fiore di carfiosi
Fiori di Carciofi
Fiori translates to flower. As it arrived, I swooned. This is the kind of flower you bring to a girl who’s a total food lover. I’ve never had anything like it. Doesn’t it just sound better in Italian?

Carciofi means artichokes and it filled the center. Oozing out of the al dente pasta. Amongst the dreamy pasta, there there was saltiness from smoked bacon and a generous amount of pecorino. This is one stunning dish. I can’t wait to go back just for this. 


BAR PRIMI - spinach cavatelli
Spinach Cavatelli
Was a seasonal dish. The green pasta immediately reminded us of green beans. It had an extremely enjoyable texture. A little chewy and bouncy. Veal biano, pave cheese added that salty factor. It was very satisfying and filling.

Definitely my second favorite pasta choice of the night.


BAR PRIMI - pastas
The traditional choices were also very good. But, they didn’t leave a lasting impression.


Best dessert I had all summer (by far)…

BAR PRIMI - peaches, fior di latte, sangria
Frog Hollow Peaches, Fior di Latte & Sangria
We didn’t think much of it at first, but then, BAM! This is AMAZING, I realize I’m using capitals, but HONESTLY!!!

While the sangria was poured on table side, I was distracted by the bright fragrant peach aroma dancing around our table. The best peach I’ve had on this side of the world! (It took me back to peach picking by Mt. Fuji). Frog Hollow Peaches made the dessert. But the combination of creamy milk gelato and a little bit of booze was muak *kiss fingertips and tossing away*. Like getting tipsy with sangria on a sweet peach orchard.

I went home and immediately ordered a box of peaches and conserved. Loved it.


Overall, the meal was good, but the few dishes that stood out really took it up a notch and made it a very good dinner. It was a great place for the girls and I to catch up.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4
325 Bowery
NY. NY 10003

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