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Dear Food Diary:
Seamore’s is serving up one of my favorite fish tacos in NYC. On the menu you’ll find locally sourced, sustainable seafood, simply prepared, with great care for the ingredient.

Michael (Meatball Shop dude) opened Seamore’s, combining his love of fishing and all things yummy.

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That fried squid was so tender. Fried to perfection with a light crunchy crust. Served with citrus aioli.

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I’m usually not a fan of mussels, but this is just pure joy in a bowl. The biggest, most plump bites I’ve ever had. And that coconut milk broth took me straight to South East Asia, but then I was brought back to this side of the continent with that buttery charred tortilla. I never thought I would use “love” and “mussels” together.

Superb ingredient. Great flavors without overwhelming the natural sweetness inside the shells.


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The crispy fish tacos are just phenomenal.

Why is it so hard to find good fish taco in this city?! That said, just 2 of these babies will set you back $15! But worth it in my opinion.

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Breaded and fried to perfection. Super moist inside. With guacamole, cabbage and chipotle mayo. That corn tortilla really brings it to the next level. A little chard and sweet, it holds everything perfectly without breaking. I was told they are made fresh in Harlem daily. I could wrap anything in them and it would taste great.


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The Reel Deal bowls are not only pretty but also healthy and delicious. You choose your daily catch, sauce (harissa cashew, red curry, miso brown butter, salsa verde, coconut cumin) and sides of daily grains, greens and veggies.

Our spear-caught blackfish was flaky and light. The best part was that crispy skin, sexy perfection. Miso brown butter sauce with a side of daily veggies and quinoa. So good and wholesome.

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OddFellows creates unique soft serve ice creams for them. We had coconut kaffir lime with coconut granola. It’s like a sweet green coconut in icy form, fantastic! Flavors change, so this isn’t available at the moment. But I sure hope they bring it back.
Friendly service, chill spot. If I didn’t live so far uptown, I would surely be a regular.
390 Broome Street


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