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Order a “Chubby Chinese Girl” Sandwich at Cer Te

You can now order the Chubby Chinese Girl every Thursday!!!

Dear Food Diary:
That’s right my friends, starting this Tuesday, Feb 2nd (til end of the month), you can go to Cer Te and order a “Chubby Chinese Girl” Sandwich!!!
This all happened thanks to Zach from Midtown Lunch and Cer Te’s Sandwich Challenge. I won for the month of February with my duck sandwich submission. Last Friday the chefs at Cer Te put my idea on a plate, I went in for tasting and made my final tweaks.

Má Pêche: The “Peach” Empire comes to Midtown, while Food Bloggers come together.

Dear Food Diary:

For our first Food Blogger get together, Andrea(high/low/food/drink) organized a nice lunch at David Chang’s newest “Peach” addition, Ma Peche at the chic and modern Chamber Hotel. Ever since the Foodbuzz Festival, Andrea and I’ve been talking about a dinner, but this came as a nice preview, thanks to birthday girl Jen(tiny urban kitchen) who was in town!

momokufu ko: No pictures? No problem…… I got a sharpie and pad. Take that!!! (MOVED)

Dear Food Diary:

I have these love/hate feelings about David Chang and his Momofukus. There’s been so much hype surrounding all things momofuku (smart marketing on DC’s part), I want to avoid it, but I can’t, because underneath it all, there are some pretty kick ass dishes.
Though very curious, I’ve been putting off Ko because I hate that whole online reservation process, there was no way I would log-on day after day and hope I would be “lucky enough” to have the pleasure of spending $175 of my hard earned dollars for lunch, BUT since fellow blogger R&R had already made reservations, I was happy to show up.
NO PHOTO POLICY!? #$#$%$ BS I say! I came armed with my sharpie and pad, take that DC! take that! (so the “sketches” were done very loosely, mind you I also needed time to enjoy every course. There’s sure to be spelling errors, bare with me, this was the best I could do in that time frame ok? Plus I had to put up with some looks from the ppl behind the kitchen, so give me some credit!)

Blue Elm: Around the globe in one meal (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
Traveling is one of my favorite things in life, but when I’ve used up all my vacation days for the year, taking my taste buds on a trip around the globe is the next best thing, and the newly opened Blue Elm offers just that. Chef Malik Sall mixes flavors from his hometown of Senegal, add to that his French culinary school background and Asian influences (he’s worked for Asia de Cuba and China Grill). This is a small joint with big flavors, it’s a warm and charming new addition to the lower east side, great for a friends get together or a nice date.

Momofuku Noodle Bar: my mama’s pork dishes are better

Dear Food Diary:
I finally made it to Momofuku Noodle Bar. What has holding me back all this time? Well, for one thing, I’m not big of “asian fusion” or whatever you call it these days. I rather go down to chinatown or ktown and get the real deal for a tiny fraction of the cost. But the main reason I put Momofuku off my list for so long, was because the first 2 times, rite before dinner, huge fights broke out with the guy I was dating, and well dinner became a big bowl of nasty words and tears. So I guess third time really is the charm.