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Noodies Thai Kitchen: a warm hug from a bowl of soup noodle

noodies 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Noodies Thai Kitchen on a rainy day while I was feeling under the weather. Seeking comfort from bowl of soup noodle, I wanted something simple and lighter than ramen. As we wondered around Hell’s Kitchen, I looked across the street and saw their cute sign. Tiny little place, with a lot of character and great prices. Most importantly, that bowl of chicken noodle soup hit the spot, like a warm hug from my mama.

Pok Pok NY: finger lickin’ good wings in Brooklyn

pok pok ny 1

Dear Food Diary:
You can’t seem to mention Pok Pok NY without bringing up their wings. So popular, in fact, Pok Pok Wing even made it to Manhattan for a short while. Unfortunately, that was cut short and the only way to taste these finger lickin’ good wings is crossing the bridge to Brooklyn. The wings recipe comes from Vietnam, but most of the menu is Thai, mainly North and Northeast of Thailand.

Sik Gaek: Live Octopus and Grillin’ Live Seafood

Sik Gaek 1

Dear Food Diary:
Sik Gaek is a place you bring all your friends, actually ONLY the adventurous ones. Drink lots of soju, preferably the one in a whole watermelon. And “party” all night to crazy loud Korean Pop. Yes, it’s a bit surreal. Specially when most of the food move, yep, all the seafood is so fresh, it’s live. I tasted their live octopus, raw for the first time…

BonChon’s $8 lunch + 2 free wings for Check-in is sweet!

bonchon midtown east 2

Dear Food Diary:
Who can resist korean fried chicken. Extra crispy, with sweet soy garlic flavors that have been soaked up like a sponge. How? I don’t know, all I know is that I love these crunchy little bites. I’ve been a fan/addict for years. If by any chance, you’ve never had them, you must go and get some!

MASAK: Tiger Beer, Fish Head Curry and more (CLOSED)

masak 4
Dear Food Diary:
StalkerBoy (a born and raised Singaporean) have described mouth watering meals from his visits back home, but a Singaporean restaurants in NYC? We’ve been out of luck. Because Singapore is such a melting pot of Asian flavors and influences, it’s hard to define what is truly 100% Singaporean. The closest we’ve come to are labeled Malaysian, places like Nyonya and Penang… Until Masak showed up a couple months ago.
masak 5
Masak which means to cook, is a “Singapore influenced” small joint in the East Village. Open kitchen, friendly staff and a full bar.