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Shilla: trying some new things in the heart of Korean Town (and some old favorites too)

Shilla 1
Dear Food Diary:
I frequent K-town, but for some reason, I’ve stuck to a couple places over the years. So when the peeps at Shilla invited me to a tasting, my taste buds were ready to discover some new and some more familiar dishes.

Wo Hop & Gahm Mi Oak: Best After Drinking Eats

Dear Food Diary:
It’s the season to eat, drink and be merry. Actually, these are the rules I try to live by every day of the year… Cheers to that! Since NYE is hours away, I thought this post would come in handy.
After a long night of drinking and partying, the tummy always calls for something hearty and comforting before hitting the pillow. Aside from the Halal Guys on 53rd & 6 Av, these are my favorite places to visit late nights (I mean early mornings *wink*). The latest I’ve been to both places is past 4 a.m.

Seoul Garden: SoonTofu Lunch to warm a cold and yucky day

Dear Food Diary:
Cloudy with NO chance of Meatballs today, just icy cold rain…
It’s real yucky outside and one of the best remedies for warming a day like today was the Beef and Seafood SoonTofu from Seoul Garden. So I braved the wind and rain, under my tiny tote umbrella and headed over to k-town, I had to get my fix of Seoul food.