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M. Wells Steakhouse: Wagyu Tomahawk makes carnivores happy

m wells steakhouse

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been obsessed with Instagram lately. While browsing through hundreds of mouth watering photos last Friday, my feed was flooded with shots of an insane wagyu tomahawk from M. Wells Steakhouse.

The steakhouse has been on my list and these photos made it top priority. (I weeped when the first M. Wells diner closed down).

At 9am, I messaged my fellow carnivore J. She teased only I would get excited about steak in the morning, but jumped on a moo wagon with me, no questions asked. J, StalkerBoy and I left LIC Sunday night as very happy carnivores.

Smith & Wollensky: Old school steakhouse

smith and wollensky 1
Dear Food Diary:
The carnivore in me feels right at home when I step into a steakhouse. Smith & Wollensky has its old school charm, an army of male staff and USDA Prime Beef, dry aged on premises working for it. Sure, I can appreciate sauces and marinates but nothing enhances a good piece of meat like a dash of salt cooked rare to medium rare. 

Le relais de Venise L’Entrecote: Parisian steak in NY

Dear Food Diary:
I fell in love with Le relais Venise L’Entrecote steakhouse in Paris during our trip last November. We knew there was a reason the line was out the door on a cold and rainy day. Average wait time 30min. When my travel buddy heard about the opening in New York, we made reservations asap for opening day.