Smith & Wollensky: Old school steakhouse

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Dear Food Diary:
The carnivore in me feels right at home when I step into a steakhouse. Smith & Wollensky has its old school charm, an army of male staff and USDA Prime Beef, dry aged on premises working for it. Sure, I can appreciate sauces and marinates but nothing enhances a good piece of meat like a dash of salt cooked rare to medium rare. 
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If you must, order a Caesar Salad. If it were up to me, skip it. Nothing special, I guess you can call it classic or “unchanged” *yawn*.
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Fried Calamari and onion rings are also optional here. They are good but I say they take up precious real estate in my tummy. Skip, skip, skip.
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Their Maryland Crab Cake is a great way to start. Generous quantity of sweet crab meat with very little filling. Take a bite of the big lumps of crab meat filled “surf” while you wait for your “turf”.
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Porterhouse for two is my turf of choice, the cut has a bit of everything which I love. Juicy and the beef flavors are prominent. Not as amazing as Peter Luger but pretty close. The texture is a bit different, maybe the amount of butter has something to do with it or the temperature and extremely hot plate they serve it on.
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Their Prime Rib is Flingstones size. Very very juicy and tender. The au jus is essential.
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I’m usually a porterhouse kinda gal (aka Peter Luger fan), but finding a partner in crime isn’t always easy. So Filet Mignon is my turf on those days.
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Juicy rare/medium rare. The exterior was seared perfectly. Hints of black pepper and some butter involved. Tender with a bit of chew, just to remind me how much I love beef. 
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The Hashed Browns on side are not to be dismissed. Bits of crusty potato is mixed with buttery melt in your mouth pieces. Fight for the crusty edges even if it isn’t lady like, the brown and crunchy pieces are worth it. Yes, I am a meat n’potato kinda gal. 
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Creamed Spinach is another great side dish. Not as good as Peter Luger’s but this comes close. Creamy melt in your mouth leafy goodness. smith and wollensky 15

If there’s room for dessert, their Coconut Cake is my favorite. It’s dripping moist with strong coconut flavor, stacked between fluffy cream and a scoop of ice cream on the side. I hear it was featured on the Food Network, one bite and you’ll know why.

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Another good option are the Profiteroles, not quite like Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote, but if sweet tooth is calling, this is a good option.
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If you really have serious sugar cravings after all that food, well… you’re in luck. There are a ton of choices that’ll do the job.
P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 3.5 


(more like a 3.75 but not quite a 4)
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