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Mami PG’s Cooking: Delivering homemade Penang style lunch boxes

mami pg cooking 1

Dear Food Diary:
2 weeks ago, I read about Mami PG’s Cooking on Midtown Lunch. A family business run by Malaysian freelance journalist Nani Yusof Hughie. She cooks up authentic Penang dishes and delivers them lunch box style to the Malaysian deprived midtown lunch crowd. The Nasi Lemak lunch was only $7! Yes please!

Sik Gaek: Live Octopus and Grillin’ Live Seafood

Sik Gaek 1

Dear Food Diary:
Sik Gaek is a place you bring all your friends, actually ONLY the adventurous ones. Drink lots of soju, preferably the one in a whole watermelon. And “party” all night to crazy loud Korean Pop. Yes, it’s a bit surreal. Specially when most of the food move, yep, all the seafood is so fresh, it’s live. I tasted their live octopus, raw for the first time…

[FLUSHING] New World Mall Food Court: Fire and Icy

new world mall in flushing - food court
Dear Food Diary:
The doors of Flushing’s New World Mall are like a gate at the airport. The minute you take your flight down the stairs, you’ve arrived in Mainland, this could be any given food court throughout China. From the lights, sounds, smell and people, the 7 train has never transported you this far for a mere subway fare.

Chubby on the Daily News

Dear Food Diary:
Main St. Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet has been my favorite Taiwanese place for years! Here’s my post from a couple years ago. The great thing about this place is consistency. I always know I’ll get an amazing meal. Same quality and the flavors from chef/owner Lin.

So when Patty Lee from the Daily News contacted me and asked me to show her my favorite dishes, I was more than delighted to share a yummy meal with her. 

M. WELLS: Quebec-American Diner in LIC (closed)

m wells long island city 2
Dear Food Diary:
W, S and I went to Paris for the first time 2 years ago. Since then, we’ve been doing our “Paris Reunion” dinners every once in a while. Obviously, going along with the theme, it’s always french. This time around, I suggested a minor adjustment, M. Wells isn’t exactly “french” per se, but I read rave reviews. So off we went on a cold Wednesday night. Exit the 7 train, the only bright storefront, that well… looks like a diner!