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MAX & MINAS: Alcoholic Homemade Ice Creams

max and minas 8

Dear Food Diary:
I was introduced to Max & Minas while watching Ice Cream Paradise on the Travel Channel. When they mentioned Flushing, Queens, I was like huh? what? really? but ecstatic of course. Then when I saw the storefront, I was shocked. I’ve driven by so many times over the years on my way to Baskin Robbins and their mere 31 flavors. Shame on me. I overlooked this Ice Cream gem. From their wall of ice cream lovers, celebrities and media adore this place. Now it was this Chubby’s turn to judge.

PATACON PISAO: Awesome Venezuelan in Elmhurst

Patacon Pisao 3

Dear Food Diary:
My friend Danny raved about Patacon Pisao for days, actually more like weeks. In a 2 week span, he spent most nights at this Inwood Food Truck implant, now in Queens. He’s actually met every family member who work this small homey local joint. You can imagine my excitement when the day finally arrived and this Chubby was finally able to taste what this fuzz was all about.

Da Jiang Nan Bei: My favorite Shanghainese place

shan hai restaurant 7
Dear Food Diary:
“Nong ho”! That’s hello in Shanghainese. So here’s my last post for the next couple weeks. I’ll be home to my birth city of Shanghai. I’m looking forward to checking out the World Expo and of course seeing my family. There will be lots of eating, eating and more eating. I’ll bring back pics of mama’s cooking and my favorite places to eat. In the meantime, I figured I’d leave you guys with a taste of Shanghai in Flushing, Da Jiang Nan Bei.

Taiwanese Gourmet Corp: Yummy Stinky Tofu, Duck’s Tongue, Intestine and more

Dear Food Diary:
I didn’t grow up in Asia and my parents weren’t adventurous eaters or cooks, so I’m not quite sure where my love for all things “unique” came about. My first taste of stinky tofu (fermented) was at 18 while in Shanghai and duck tongue was only something I saw on TV until moving here. I’ve only been able to find these items in Taiwanese restaurants, mostly Queens.
Taiwanese Gourmet, Corp. in Elmhurst is second after my favorite Taiwanese joint, and it offers really yummy renditions of these dishes at very reasonable prices. This place has a good variety of Taiwanese specialty dishes, a lot of which you would find in a night market or street food stall while eating around Taiwan. If you’ve never been, this would be the place to start and a good choice for an upcoming “adventurous” Chinese New Year meal, or any awesome gathering. It’s best to order a lot of dishes and share family style.

Sunrise Bakery & Cafe: Big Fluffy Baos

Dear Food Diary:
Last Sunday afternoon, I just happen to walk by Sunrise Bakery & Cafe, hunger struck so I went in for a quick bite, Steamed chicken bao and “yun yeung” (coffee, tea and milk). I wasn’t expecting much, same usual stuff from any HK bakery was what I had in mind, BUT I was tastefully surprised by what I found.