PATACON PISAO: Awesome Venezuelan in Elmhurst

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Dear Food Diary:
My friend Danny raved about Patacon Pisao for days, actually more like weeks. In a 2 week span, he spent most nights at this Inwood Food Truck implant, now in Queens. He’s actually met every family member who work this small homey local joint. You can imagine my excitement when the day finally arrived and this Chubby was finally able to taste what this fuzz was all about.

PATACONES (Green Plantain Sandwich)
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No one believes me, but growing up in Argentina, I never had plantains. Not all South American, latin cuisines uses it. Ever since my first taste, I’ve been in love with them. Using them as bread is genius. These are like giant tostones (fried green plantains), deep fried to extra crispy, crunchy and holds everything well. 
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Got my first Patacones con Pernil (Roasted pork). Boy was I in for a treat. One bite and my tummy and tastebuds understood Danny’s obsession. The pork is tender and juicy, the plantain is a little sweet, so crunchy and addictive. To top it off, their special homemade garlic herb mayo’s creamy texture and fragrant aroma takes it up a notch along with garlicky finger licken’ goodness. Oh yeah, there was also lettuce for crisp crunch, but my mouth was occupied by the other ingredients, so I didn’t pay much attention, but appreciated it being there. Delicioso! I’ve been craving it, in fact, as I’m writing this, I’m asking, why haven’t I been back?… unexplainable… I MUST GO BACK FOR MORE.

AREPAS (Venezuelan Corncakes)Patacon Pisao 8
I’ve never been to Caracas Arepa Bar, but Danny says these are just as good and cheaper. Aside from the Arepas Lady, this was my first arepas with filling, certainly not my last. I ordered the Arepas Pepia.Patacon Pisao 10

Fluffy corn cakes are filled with salty fried cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado sauce, chicken, and more of that special homemade garlic herb mayo. Sweet, salty and creamy. Que rico!
Patacon Pisao 1
Danny got the Tacuchos with Pollo (chicken). I think this was the only thing he had yet to try. 
Patacon Pisao 2
The flavors were good, of course if had that special sauce and the chicken was moist, but without the plantains or corncake, it just seemed like a panini sandwich. That said, it was still quite tasty, just not my favorite. I missed the sweet and savory contrast.

I’m glad Danny has a big appetite and I was able to savor so many things in one visit. He’s also a regular now and friends with everyone there, so WE GOT A PREVIEW OF THEIR NEW SANDWICH! Us food bloggers live for moments like this. This was still in the works, yet to be added to their menu. Sweet!!! Literally… since these were made with Yellow Sweet Plantain to hold the jamon y queso (ham and cheese).
Patacon Pisao 13
Think maduros as bread. These sweet plantains were really sweet. 
Patacon Pisao 12
Though I like the combo of sweet and savory, this was more sweet than savory, therefore the balance was somewhat off. I didn’t dislike the ham, cheese, secret sauce combination, but I prefer my maduros solo, as a side dish. They were also a bit oily. To their defense, by this time we were both quite full and food coma must of kicked in more or less.

Patacon Pisao 6
Here are the “secret” sauces. Didn’t get the exact ingredients. I believe the first one is hot sauce, middle is a salsa golf-ish mix of mayo and ketchup. And last but definitely not least is that amazing “secret sauce” of garlic-herb mayo (I think it has parsley).

Patacon Pisao 11
As if the PREVIEW SANDWICH wasn’t enough, we were also treated to 3 Leches cake. Ahhh the perks of having a regular customer as a friend. Can you believe a huge portion is only a buck? Eat that dollar menu! It’s moist, sweet, creamy and indulgent. We were way to stuffed at this point of our mid day food journey to enjoy it. But it was as sweet finale.

I’m so glad they moved their truck over to Queens and opened this small eat-in and take out. What a treat. This is cheap eats at its best. Sandwiches are under $6. I don’t know about you, but Elmhurst just got a couple levels cooler and yummier in my book. Si, you must take the train, hitch a ride, bike, roller blade or walk to this place pronto!
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:

85-22 Grand Ave
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, glad you liked Patacon Pisao. Good, cheap food and the owner's son is super friendly. Next time you visit make sure you try the Cheese Cachapa ( was our favorite.

    Btw, the new sandwich looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

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