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El Original: Tex Mex in NYC is a downer

el original - NYC tex mex - guacamole

Dear Food Diary:
I was excited for a Tex Mex in the neighborhood. But after the warm fresh tortilla chips, great salsa and a little overpriced guacamole, the rest of our dinner was a total downer.

COSME: Creative Mexican by Chef Enrique Olvera

Cosme NYC - Cobia al Pastor

Dear Food Diary:
Before Cosme landed in NYC, the words creative and Mexican food didn’t seem to make the news. After tasting Mexican celebrity Chef Enrique Olvera’s creations, you understand all the buzz.

Unforgettable dishes and flavors made my last dinner with Terry (before her trip around the world and move to SF) that much more memorable. What a delicious way to end a chapter with a foodie friend.

Cocina Economica: Home-style Mexican on the UWS (CLOSED)

cocina economica

Dear Food Diary:
I was shocked when Recipe – one of my favorite brunch spots on the UWS closed last year. Shorty after, Cocina Economica’s sign was up. I wasn’t amused. Why close a great place beloved by so many?

Word in the barrio was that chef/owner David Bank was so impressed with his Sous Chef Pedro’s home-style Mexican meals (cooked for staff) – he wanted to showcase it. Changing everything from name to decor.

Lucky for us, we get to try a really different take on Mexican food.

abc cocina: Flavorful tapas and small plates

abc cocina - decor

Dear Food Diary:
Like abc kitchen, abc cocina is a beautifully decorated space within abc carpet & home store.

Jean George plays with latin flavors, while adding his own twist. Flavorful tapas and small plates style menu, meant to be shared.

PULQUERIA: hidden Mexican in Chinatown

PULQUERIA apotheke, nom wah dim sum, doyer street

Dear Food Diary:
Doyer Street (Chinatown) is one of those interesting alleys that’s short but full of surprises. Nothing is what it seems.

It can be a bit shady and creepy at times, but unlike the old days, it is quite safe.

Without any signs, the hidden underground Mexican joint Pulqueria is tucked between Apotheke (speakeasy bar) and Nom Wah Tea Parlor (the oldest dim sum spot in NY). They claim to be the  first restaurant outside of Mexico to batch and serve pulque (fermented beverage made from the agave plant). Part cantina/bar, part restaurant serving plenty of drinks, tortas and tacos, Mexican street market style.