RECIPE: Brunch I return for again and again (closed)

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Dear Food Diary:
With such an array of brunch options in this city it’s hard to commit to one place. I wouldn’t call Recipe my usual, but when I tallied the receipts from last fall till now, this Upper West Side joint won the most visited. Some of my less adventurous days, I just want what I crave, without any surprises and Recipe delivers just that. Plus, their logo is super cute and I dig that.

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The place is narrow, small and cozy. It reminds me of Restoration Hardware only warmer, friendlier and a tad more country. Casual, rustic and new American using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. No matter how busy, you’re welcomed and greeted with a big smile. The bar serves the same menu, only closer to the liquor, which is always a plus.
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I love small details that make me smile, their tap water bottle is a good example. There’s a full bar with wines, cocktails and beers. I usually start with Pear or Strawberry Sparklette which has some ginger and lemon juice along with sparkling wine. Recipe Punch is quite tropical and their Homemade Limeade is sweet/tart and refreshing. Great coffee for the morning as well.
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I always start with my favorite Bitter-Sweet Greens which has grilled pancetta! (I wish all salads started this way), walnuts, parmigiano-reggiano tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.
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There’s a great balance of sweet, bitter, tart and salty. Fresh grassy greens and radicchio have that crunch that is complimented by the chewy salty pancetta and cheese. Different textures that make it fun and mouth watering. If all salads were like this, my diet would have a lot more greens.
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Their Vanilla Brioche French Toast could only be described as dreamy. Soft buttery bread soaks up all the maple syrup. Topped with creamy, melt in your mouth mascarpone and enhanced with a seasonal fruit compote. I’ve had them with berries mostly, which breaks the creaminess with a burst of sweet and tart. Hmmmmm, no conversation is needed for moments like this.
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Recipe Pulled Pork Sandwich comes with duck fat chips, yes, I know!!! Sweet tangy bbq sauce coats juicy and tender pork. Soft butter grilled bread holds it all together with some slaw, pickles and gruyere.*Drool*
recipe 6recipe 7Poached Eggs with grilled asparagus. crispy prosciutto and bearnaise sauce served with toasted country bread, salad and home fries. Very classic, simple and good.

Their seasonal fruit jams are quite popular. The Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine is also not to be missed. Black mission figs, apricots, cornichon and toast. It’s so hearty and comforting. So good in fact, I’ve devoured it and forgot about the photo.

Whether you’re in the neighborhood or not, this is definitely a brunch place to check out once or twice or more. I need to go try their dinner one of these days, I can’t wait.
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One last note, before you leave be sure to check out the bathroom, read the sign as you use the unusual sink and soap.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4.5
425 Amsterdam Ave
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