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NUCHAS EMPANADAS: Do cry for me Argentina

times square evita

Dear Food Diary:
It just so happens that Evita is playing in Times Square, diagonally across from Nuchas (an empanadas stand developed by my fellow paisano, the Argentinean born Ariel Barbouth). I grew up eating these oven baked pockets of goodness and was thrilled to finally have an interesting quick bite before a show. But in the end, I walked away singing “Do cry for me Argentina”. The truth is, they made me I miss home even more… *sigh*

TACOMBI: love the decor, the tacos not so much


Dear Food Diary:
Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of Aaron Sanchez, and I was really hoping Tacombi could be my go to spot for tacos. With such a whimsical VW Combi (hence the clever name!) in the middle of the casual/warehouse setting, it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately  I can’t go on gushing about the food or price.

The Plaza Food Hall: Poor quality control. Where’s Todd?

Dear Food Diary:
On one of our first dates, StalkerBoy took me to The Plaza Food Hall after a movie at the Paris theater. It was a memorable night, not food wise, but because it was April Fool’s day and I made a pretty mean (funny to me and only me apparently) joke on him (glad he’s still around).

A year later, we went back. And while I could hold my thoughts about mediocre over priced food for the night in the name of “reminiscing” (yes, this Chubby is a romantic at heart), I couldn’t overlook the poor quality control that was happening right in front of us. I was glad this was an open kitchen, actually more like thankful! But even so, the lack of passion for the food was obvious to the point  where I lost my appetite, which wasn’t really missing out on much anyways…

CALLE OCHO: UWS Nuevo Latino Cuisine

calle ocho 2

Dear Food Diary:
To celebrate the opening of it’s new location, the folks at Calle Ocho invited us to a press dinner.

Empellon: Alex is hot, the food not so much

Empellon 8
Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a long time fan (ok, fine. I’ll admit… stalker) of hottie pastry Chef Alex Stupak. My delicious love affair started at the Bon Appetit Supper Club Cafe back in ’09. He won me over with his Yuzu Tart. And then it escalated during my WD 50 visit, where I met him *wink*. So you can understand why Empellon naturally got bumped to the top spot on my infinite list of NYC eateries.