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PATACON PISAO: Awesome Venezuelan in Elmhurst

Patacon Pisao 3

Dear Food Diary:
My friend Danny raved about Patacon Pisao for days, actually more like weeks. In a 2 week span, he spent most nights at this Inwood Food Truck implant, now in Queens. He’s actually met every family member who work this small homey local joint. You can imagine my excitement when the day finally arrived and this Chubby was finally able to taste what this fuzz was all about.

La Lucha Tacos: Round Uno – Taste Match

Dear Food Diary:
Last Friday night was alphabet city’s new joint La Lucha Taco’s opening night. I use to watch Mucha Lucha every saturday morning, so the name brought an immediate smile and more importantly the possibility of finding the perfect taco place in nyc.
By the time we arrived around 7:30pm, there was a long line, apparently I wasn’t the only one excited about getting a real Mexican street food experience. We placed our name at the door with friendly co-owner Carlos, who opened this with his best friend. Their idea is to transport us to the Mexico they know and stopping by a Taqueria for a bite before entering the Arena for Lucha Libre. Hence the decor and name.

Red Hook: Adios to a Sabroso 2009 Season

Dear Food Diary:
This past Saturday, a couple friends and I braved the rain for our first and last bite of Red Hook food trucks this season. We don’t frequent Brooklyn, so this was a big trip for us, funny thing was, my friend and I got lost and when we asked for directions at the gas station, these 2 non hispanic dudes were like “you girls walking there? that’s dangerous!”… great! thanks. We ignored them and walked anyways, totally proving them wrong. This coming Halloween weekend is their LAST so if you still want to check it out, take the F train down!

Barros Luco: Muy Delicioso Chilean sandwiches and empanadas (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
It’s always exciting to try a new lunch spot, specially when the food reminds you of home, well ok, maybe not home (my home town of Buenos Aires), but our neighbors to the west, Chile. Owner Carlos explained how he always loved these sandwiches growing up, which are actually named after Ramon Barros Luco, a former Chilean president who ordered a steak and cheese sandwich so often that when he passed away, they named it after him.

Arepas Lady & Sabor Mexicano Taco

Dear Food Diary:
Friday night we ventured into 74th and Jackson Heights just to pay the arepas lady a visit late in the evening, since she arrives at her spot after 10 pm (her hrs are 10 pm-5 am, Friday and Saturday). It was a quiet night, so I had some time to chat with her while our arepas were getting their golden brown color on the griddle. She’s very friendly and humble, specially when I asked her about her accomplishments like the Vendy Award and all her loyal followers, she simply smiled, and told me she gets quite a lot of business from write ups, reviews and internet blogs. The locals on the line however, were more impressed with her food and not so much with her fame, they actually commented on my picture taking and joked about her being known worldwide (‘cuz I’m chinese? and I would bring arepas to China? !@#@$#!!!… I speak Spanish fluently, so I heard everything).