Red Hook: Adios to a Sabroso 2009 Season

Dear Food Diary:
This past Saturday, a couple friends and I braved the rain for our first and last bite of Red Hook food trucks this season. We don’t frequent Brooklyn, so this was a big trip for us, funny thing was, my friend and I got lost and when we asked for directions at the gas station, these 2 non hispanic dudes were like “you girls walking there? that’s dangerous!”… great! thanks. We ignored them and walked anyways, totally proving them wrong. This coming Halloween weekend is their LAST so if you still want to check it out, take the F train down!
Familia Carrillo’s Guatemala Truck
Our first stop, la familia Carrillo’s Guatemalan truck and their “Antojitos Chapines” or Guatemala Cravings. They were very friendly and chatty, my spanish came in handy, and gave me a couple sample drinks. I choose the Atol de Elote (elote means corn, so this was a thick and sweet hot corn/soupy drink) it helped warm me up from the chilly weather. Before leaving we also tried their Cafe Caliente for $1, not your usual coffee flavor, more chocolaty and light.
Their Pork Tamales were excelente! The corn masa was very smooth, light and flavorful, filled with big chunks of tender pork. So good my friends actually bought an extra one to bring back.
The most unique dish I tried the whole day was their Pacaya which is a tropical forest palm. These were coated in a light egg batter and deep fried, served on corn tortillas with tomato sauce, onions and cilantro. Really yummy, interesting texture and flavor, a cross between hearts of palm and baby corn. Mrs. Carrillo described it best, she simply refers to them as baby octopus tentacles (not taste, just appearance wise). I would go back just for these.
The fried tacos Doyados were also very tasty, super crispy and a nice meaty filling.
Country Boys Taco Truck
We had to stop by the Country Boys Taco Truck! We’ve heard great things and it was #1 on our list. Winners of the 2009 Vendy Awards I might add.
Here I am with Fernando Martinez himself, holding my quesadillas de chicharron. Another friendly amigo, doesn’t he remind you of Mario Bros? (the music is playing in my head, ta-ra-ta-ra-ra- ra-di-di-di-di). According to him, a permanent location for their truck is on the works, so hopefully in the near future we can get these babies 7 days a la semana!
I loved the Quesadillas de Chicharron with the Jalepeno Sauce. Just little bits and pieces of fried heart attack goodness, giving crunch to every bite, fresh veggies and a creamy avocado, plus melted mozzarella cheese inside a slightly grilled housemade XL corn tortilla, the portions were very generous, I only managed to finish 1/2, thank goodness we shared everything. Their corn tortilla es muy rico, very soft and nice texture, with a hint of sweetness and good corn taste.
A little disappointed with the Beef Huarache, the corn tortilla was great, and all the ingredients worked well, but we made a mistake ordering “moo”, which was dry, should of gone with “oink” or “tube oink” aka chorizo. Next time I’ll know better.
According to the lady, not everything is wrapped with their fresh made corn tortilla some of the smaller ones are store brought, so I wouldn’t go for the Chapulas, unless your into store bought?!
Victor & Ana’s Blended Wonders
By now I was truly stuffed, and my tummy couldn’t handle the ceviche, arepas and other goodies around, so I went for the fruit lady and got a Cantaloupe Smoothie, sweet and fragrant, very refreshing, made with fresh fruit.

Seeing the local kids and adults totally drawn to the mango lady and her Mexican Chili Mango, I had to order a bag for $3. I’m not the type of person who likes to mix salt with fruit, even though people often say it brings out the sweetness. I didn’t know what to expect, she asked me how I liked it, so I simply asked for the most authentic way possible, however she would eat it, and she started pouring chili powder, chili sauce from a bottle, salt, and freshly squeezed lime into the zip lock, I was worried, but wow! was it good, sweet, tangy, spicy, and fresh, very very yummy. Too bad my mama says mangoes are “hot chi”, so it isn’t good too eat too much, ‘cuz I would devour a whole bag.

Turned out to be a nice couple hrs, no rain just a few drops here and there. Didn’t get to try everything, but I’ll be back next year, hasta luego Red Hook Vendors!

THIS COMING WEEKEND IS THEIR LAST! so you still have time!

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: