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Thursday is Double Chubby Day at Cer Te!!!

chubby chinese girl and chubby porky sandwich
Dear Food Diary:
Lunch at Cer Te will be fun today! This is the first Thursday that there’s Double Chubby! ChubbyChineseGirl will remain as a Thursday Special (yay!) and ChubbyPorky is around everyday for the month of June!  Which sandwich should I have? That’s a yummy tough choice!


Meet my “CHUBBY PORKY Sandwich” from Cer Te

Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 9
Dear Food Diary:
It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting since April for my 2nd Sandwich Challenge Winner the “Chubby Porky” to arrive (ok, not exactly… since the official day is next Monday, June 6th). But lucky, I had a taste test/preview yesterday and lets just say, you and your inner chubby are in for a treat at $8.95.

Meet the ChubbyChineseGirl credit card!

chubbychinesegirl credit card 2

Hot off the press, just got it in the mail last night. Now I can pay my meals in style LOL… love these photo credit cards, thought they wouldn’t let me put the words “Chubby Chinese Girl”… this is good enough, I’ll take it =)


ChubbyChineseGirl Sandwich Voted as Best of CerTe 2010!!!

I was glad my sandwich creation was selected last year, but even better was everyone’s response and love… Thanks ya’ll for loving this pekin duck/bahn mi marriage as much as this Chubby.

And remember you can still get it every Thursday at Certe!!!

For more favorites see midtown lunch’s 2010 Best Of.


Good and Bad Day in the Life of a Food Blogger

Today started as a really bad day at work and then I realize this site Foodsherpa (don’t click and give them more traffic)… stole all the feed from my blog and put it as their NY section WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (fotos and all). So mad!!! So wrong!!!

Good thing the food blogging community is very kind and my fellow blogger friends have given me great advice to handle such matter.

BUT then I go into Twitter and see this:  (big ear to ear smile)

Yes! that Andrew Zimmern… one of my all time tv/foodie heros! I got cable ‘cuz of Bizarre Foods. He’s the guy who inspires me to look for “unique” eats in my travels. And no, I wasn’t following him… (but of course I will)… Well, he’s also following another 2230 people… but who’s counting right? =)