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Chubby & Wollensky?!

For those who think, we can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Smith & Wollensky just came out with a pretty cool new marketing/advertising idea.

I walked by the other and was like… what?! So apparently for the month of October, you could “pledge allegiance to them” with your reservation of the day, if it gets chosen, your name could be up there! front awning and signs. Pretty neat right? Maybe I’ll get Chubby up there!

Chubby on the Daily News

Dear Food Diary:
Main St. Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet has been my favorite Taiwanese place for years! Here’s my post from a couple years ago. The great thing about this place is consistency. I always know I’ll get an amazing meal. Same quality and the flavors from chef/owner Lin.

So when Patty Lee from the Daily News contacted me and asked me to show her my favorite dishes, I was more than delighted to share a yummy meal with her. 

Chubby gets a “Scan”

Been busy trying to give this Chubby blog a new look and new things to come! So less time posting. But great stuff is coming very very soon.
In the meantime, if you have an SCAN or SKANZ app on your smartphone, you can scan Chubby now! So cool right? Thanks Andrea from High/Low Food/Drink for showing me this!

Chubby on video (it’s weird to watch myself!)

Fordcast Summer Tour Lexington Avenue Summer Fest 4

Dear Food Diary:
The videos of my partnership with the Summer Fordcast Tourfinally came out. My first highlight videos, yay! It was a lot of fun filming, but watching myself on video is definitely bizarre. You can tell I was pretty nervous and not too natural talking LOL! I think my outtakes were more fun than the actual edited video. 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Chubby in NY POST

NY POST 7_13 article 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s been a crazy morning! I’m on the NY POST 

Last week, Carla Spartos, food editor and writer from the NY Post contacted me about her Restaurant Week story. I shared some of my past restaurant week experiences over the phone and next thing you know, I’m doing a photo shoot this past Sunday and this morning I’m full page in color (page 29-40). If you didn’t get a copy, here’s the ARTICLE ONLINE