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Chubby’s Dumpling Recipe featured on Huffingtonpost

chubby's dumpling recipe on Huffingtonpost HUFFPOST TASTE

Dear Food Diary:
On today’s Huffpost Taste, ChubbyUncle’s Recipe for Pan Fried Soup Dumplings made with Buttermilk Biscuit wrap is featured! He’ll be delighted to know that his creativity is being noticed.

READ FULL ARTICLE (there are a variety of dumpling recipes)


Happy dumpling making!

The coolest way to separate egg whites/yolk EVER!


Dear Food Diary:
If you’ve ever had to separate egg whites from yolks, specially in large quantity, you’ll know it could be a pain! Who knew all you needed was an empty plastic water bottle and two plates! This has got to be the COOLEST way ever!

[RECIPE] Shanghainese Pan Fried Soup Dumpling with Buttermilk Biscuits “wrap”

Chubby Uncle's Easy Shanghainese Pan Fried Soup Dumpling 12

Dear Food Diary:
My ChubbyUncle in SF is an awesome and creative cook. He does amazing Shanghainese dishes. It’s always a treat when I visit. He always seems to have a couple new surprises up his sleeves, but this one blew me away! Using store bought buttermilk biscuits to make Shanghainese Pan Fried Soup Dumpling? That’s just crazy…

Crazy good that is!

[RECIPE] LAURENT GRAS “My Provence” Digital Cookbook Launch

laurent gras - my provence ebook launch at French Consulate

Dear Food Diary:
Last week I was invited to a delightful press lunch at the French Consulate for the launch of Alta Editions’ Interactive Digital Cookbook Series. The first edition of this subscription based series features renowned chef Laurent Gras: My Provence ($9.99).

I’ve included the recipes of our wonderful 3 course lunch, a little taste of what the e-book offers…

NESPRESSO: around the world coffee experience with Padma Lakshmi (recipe included)

nespresso - invite with Padma Lakshmi

Dear Food Diary:

I’m no stranger to Nespresso and their events. When they launched the PIXIE machine, I was delighted to be given one and  use all the time. I’ve become such a big fan, that I’ve told all my friend and family to get one. Nothing like that aroma of coffee at home.

When I got the invite to travel the world of Nespresso last week, I packed my purse and off to their Soho Boutique Bar we went…