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[RECIPE]: Dessert Trucks’ Chocolate Souffle

dessert truck 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s not too late to give your honey a sweet surprise. I’m sharing Dessert Truck’s Chocolate souffle recipe from a class I took there a while back.

Dessert truck was one of the first cool food trucks in the city. Later on they opened a shop on the LES and for a while, it was where I got my sweet fix. I was sad to find out they closed! So, here’s my way of remembering them…

Sending them much love in this season of love… those sweet treats will be missed…

ABODE POP UP: dinner at The Old Bowery Station (chef from The Taste)

The Old Bowery Station - Abode family meal pop up dinner 10

Dear Food Diary:
A couple Fridays ago, I emailed my monthly dinner buddies J, J and C to try out this new Abode Pop Up dinner. Right inside the subway entrance of the old, abandoned Bowery Station, Chefs Gregg and Sarah created their version of comfort food Abode Family Style. Tickets were purchased through Eventbrite for $75 (5 course + wine pairing). Seating was limited to 10 people per service with only 4 services a night.

Fast forward a week, while watching the first episode of  The Taste, I see non other than Gregg Drusinsky on tv! He looked so familiar and then I realized it was the Gregg, that really friendly and fun chef from the pop up! I was so excited to see him chosen for Ludo’s team. Then it all made sense. Chef, tv reality cooking show, pop up dinner… I see he’s following his mentor Ludo’s path.

Check out the dinner and find the recipe of their awesome salad below…

[RECIPE] Dumpling Making 101: Chive and pork

pork & chives dumpling recipe steamed 2

Dear Food Diary:
One of my fondest food memories are of making dumplings with my parents. My dad would skillfully roll out identical round wrappers “skins” one after the other, while my mom wrapped them at flash speed. As a kid, they would make mini sized ones for me and let me help out.

Dumplings are a staple for Chinese New Year in Northern China. Because they look like ancient coins or yuanbao, they symbolize wealth. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner (Feb 10th), I’m sharing my recipe for dumpling making 101. Chive and pork is a classic and my all time favorite. Wealth or not, these babies are easy to make, freeze well and can be enjoyed boiled or potsticker style. Yummy year round.

HOLIDAY RECIPES: “Eat, Drink, Local” with Four Seasons NY Executive Chef John Johnson

I’ll be in Asia for the holidays, but if you’re still figuring out the menu for next week, these recipes from Four Seasons NY Executive Chef John Johnson look pretty awesome!

Hello Fresh: Recipes & Ingredients delivered to your door

hello fresh 2

Dear Food Diary:
The folks at Hello Fresh recently sent over a complimentary box of recipes and ingredients for me to try. The delivery came with everything I needed for each recipe. No measuring involved, which was great for a freestyle cook like myself. I tried 3 recipes during the week (Thai curry chicken, chicken quinoa salad and salmon), by the 4th day, I went home wishing for more.

Just for ChubbyReaders: 30% discount on your purchase code HELLO30

If you’re tired of take out and would love to cook, but don’t know where to start, this might be your answer.