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NY Restaurant Week (yet again… *sigh*)

restaurant week 2012

Dear Food Diary:
It seems inevitable at this point that Restaurant Week Month arrives twice a year. You know how I feel about it, but like I’ve admitted in the article, if friends want to go, I would tag along. Over the years I’ve had mixed experiences. Some were decent and others simply not worth it. Dinner with wine+tax+tip usually comes to $60+ (I wouldn’t call that a steal). I still prefer spending my money and tummy on regular menus. Regardless, here’s my favorite from Winter Restaurant Week 2011:

Park Avenue Winter: why Restaurant Week just isn’t worth it

Dear Food Diary:

After “that” incident, Restaurant Week left yet another bad impression in me. Mainly because of the disappointments and half hearted attempts served on plates. The purpose of showcasing the establishment has been lost along the way and Park Avenue Winter unfortunately falls under that category.

MAZE by Gordon Ramsay: What the %!$#%$!&^@$#

MAZE by Gordon Ramsay 1MAZE by Gordon Ramsay 11
Dear Food Diary:
I’m going to start this post by stating that I don’t usually use foul language (unless it’s totally necessary). I don’t condone it either. With that said, this review is for Maze by Gordon Ramsay. They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, therefore, when at Maze speak as Gordon would. (I’ll try anyways, his potty mouth is on an unreachable level that  would make me blush). This is from Winter Restaurant Week 2010, I know I’m a little behind, but I’m trying to catch up since Restaurant Week just started).

Butter: First taste of 2010 Restaurant Week

Dear Food Diary:
Restaurant week is upon us once again. Time to check off a couple more places I’ve had on my list but never found a reason to go. I’m a fan of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli (love her on Food Network’s “Best thing you ever ate”, as she describes the food it makes me drool, and I met her at a Taste of NY event, her shrimp dish was memorably yummy). Surely I was pretty excited about the night.

Chubby’s 1st Annual New York Restaurant Week Awards 2009


Dear Food Diary:

New York restaurant week has come and gone over the years, and with a tough economy, it seems like the week has extended to weeks and somewhat water downed the concept. Many restaurants get on the wagon for this event just for a head count at the end of the night, but fortunately some have stayed true to themselves and most importantly their food and reputation. And this is my way of honoring them…
Winners of the Best of Restaurant Week
These places have shown care to the menu with its consistent quality of food that made my palate dance long after the plates were taken away, beautiful decor and outstanding service.