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North Brooklyn Farms: Farm to Table Supper Club in Williamsburg

north brooklyn farm supper club

Dear Food Diary:
I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived at North Brooklyn Farms for their first Farm-to-Table Supper Club a few Sundays ago. For one, I’ve never been to this part of Williamsburg and what a surprise it was. A little blooming farm right by the bridge. Their whole concept of bringing the farm to a city setting put a smile on my face.

Delightfully surprised and treated to a lovely night with my girls and a farm fresh meal as we held on to summer.

ABODE POP UP: dinner at The Old Bowery Station (chef from The Taste)

The Old Bowery Station - Abode family meal pop up dinner 10

Dear Food Diary:
A couple Fridays ago, I emailed my monthly dinner buddies J, J and C to try out this new Abode Pop Up dinner. Right inside the subway entrance of the old, abandoned Bowery Station, Chefs Gregg and Sarah created their version of comfort food Abode Family Style. Tickets were purchased through Eventbrite for $75 (5 course + wine pairing). Seating was limited to 10 people per service with only 4 services a night.

Fast forward a week, while watching the first episode of  The Taste, I see non other than Gregg Drusinsky on tv! He looked so familiar and then I realized it was the Gregg, that really friendly and fun chef from the pop up! I was so excited to see him chosen for Ludo’s team. Then it all made sense. Chef, tv reality cooking show, pop up dinner… I see he’s following his mentor Ludo’s path.

Check out the dinner and find the recipe of their awesome salad below…

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN: Pop Up Restaurant (Movement 3: 19th Century France)

what happens when 1
Dear Food Diary:
Pop Up Restaurants have been the new trend around town, even the James Beard Foundation jumped on the wagon. And why not. For any commitment-phobic, curious and audacious foodie/chef/decorator, this is a dream and a win-win. Your imagination is allowed, better yet… encouraged to run wild, brining all senses along for the ride. At What Happens When, the menu, interior design and soundscape change every 30 days, promising a full new experience. 
what happens when 11
MOVEMENT 3 just happens to revolve around one of my favorite art movements of the 19th-century, Impressionism. Focusing specifically on Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” (which is currently in The Phillips Collection in Washington DC) as their main inspiration.

Brooklyn Edible Social Club: dinner at a long lost friend’s I’ve never met

Dear Food Diary:
Saturday I was on the F train for exactly 1 hour and 40 minutes, just to fill my curiosity and keep my taste buds entertained. This is my second Supper Club dinner experience, thanks to my friend Yvonne, who’s the author of the blog underground dining. She raved about her first experience with this Brooklyn Edible Social Club (five course dinners parties for about 12 guests), and since she lives for these events, I trusted her.

Rabbit Mafia: Supper Club Virgin No More

Dear Food Diary:
My friend Yvonne (a foodie in her own right, who’s ventured to a couple supper clubs solo) told me about Rabbit Mafias: The Progressive Supper Club. I’ve long been curious about these events and this was the perfect opportunity, my very first supper club dinner. For this I had to trek my way to Brooklyn, me and Brooklyn = oil and water, but thankfully Green Spaces was rite around the 6 train, note: the short walk was interesting to say the least, entering the building and finding the elevator was an adventure in itself.