Ed’s Lobster Bar: Fresh Of Boat (FOB)

Dear Food Diary,
You know I love sweet juicy and fresh lobsters. Well, the lobsters are indeed FOB (FRESH of boat) at Ed’s. Sources say they come in all the way from Maine every day. And by how popular and crowded the place was on a tuesday night, I doubt there were any left overs for the next day. They were being sold like hot cakes.

Ed’s doesn’t take reservations, so the trendy new spot have enjoyed a great opening and days that followed with food enthusiasts eager for a table and willing to wait. No seating until the whole party arrived, tables at the back were limited. So we settled for the stainless steel bar, squeezed into our high chairs and began our lobster feast.

75% of the people ordered his much appraised “Lobster Roll” (which I hear vary very little from Pearl Oyster Bar, Chef Ed’s former employer). The roll is buttery and warm, there’s no mistake that the lobster is fresh, juicy and sweet. Huge lumps of lobster take center stage, just a touch of veggies almost for garnish and light on the mayo. This is what a lobster roll should be and at $19 i would expect it to be.
So much lobster that it falls off the bun, you’ll need a fork to help you out. Lots of meat and little bun in every bite, great for us semi-carb watchers. Defineatly a great choice. The order is completed with fries and Ed’s own homemade pickles, that are insanely good. Spicy with a tangy punch you’ll just have to try’em yourself, it’s not like any other pickle this chubby girl have tasted.

I hear the Lobster Pot Pie is worth a try and i tried the $5 lemonade, a bit pricy but it was freshly squeezed and tasty, so I’m letting that slide.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:chubby rating 5

222 Lafayette Street

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