Bracco’s Clam & Oyster Bar: Seafood in Long Island

Dear Food Diary:
The first time I went to Bracco’s was on a hot summer afternoon, for an early dinner. We had spent the day at Jones Beach for my friend Cindy’s Beach Baptism, so to celebrate her big day and to welcome her to our big Christian family, we took her out for a seafood feast in Freeport. The weather was great, and the food was awesome.
Freeport reminded us of being on a small street in the Capes, somewhere outside of NY, and Bracco’s was very casual and laid back, shorts, tanks and flip flops kind of place.
On this second visit, the weather wasn’t so warm and we arrived around 7pm on a Saturday, the place wasn’t as happening (there were a bunch of locals by the bar and “odd” folks dancing), but I was still excited about fresh seafood and dining by the water. I didn’t need the crowd, I had great company.
Bracco’s Famous Seafood Bisque is thick and filled with shrimp, crab and lobster. The corn makes it a bit sweeter than I would like my bisque to be, but overall it was enjoyable, specially when it got a bit chilly. The oyster crackers were great for adding some much needed saltiness.
L.I Steamers!!! This was one of the main reasons I wanted to come back. Big, juicy and very sweet. You can taste how fresh they are, plus I enjoy chewing the “neck” part, it has a nice bite to it. The portion is rather generous. I’ve ordered steamers at several places around the city, and they just can’t compare. The only better steamers I’ve had was in Boston.
Now to the Nor’Easter, the main dish we shared, fried fried fried! Fish, shrimp, calamari, clam strips, crab balls, and fries! gosh, where do I begin. Well, the fish is very well seasoned, so If you just ordered fish&chips, it would be a good choice. I wasn’t impressed with the crabless crab balls, too much dough. Calamari and Shrimp were ok, and I liked the clam strips, but also felt it had too much batter. It was big, but not as big as I remembered, and for $40 I would rather order grilled fish, a smaller fried dish and from the raw bar (raw clams were excellent).
I enjoy driving up there, for some fresh seafood on a nice sunny day. The food is good, NOT WOW, but sitting by the water, and strolling down the charming little street has it’s own appeal.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 3.5
319 Woodcleft Avenue (Freeport Long Island)
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