Thai 51: Free lunch today! Score!!!

Dear Food Diary:
Walked into work today and there was this random sign about free lunch! What? This is a first, and a great surprise to start the day. The deal was, anything you eat for lunch would be reimbursed, no fine print, anything you want.
A couple of us ordered from Thai 51, our favorite Thai place in midtown. They have a really nicely stir fried Pad Thai, well executed curries, good fried rice and refreshing Green Papaya Salad. Sometimes I find things overly spiced or sauced, but the taste is always quite delish.
I like their specialty of Chu Chee Salmon (pictured above), it’s not exactly healthy since the salmon is lightly battered and fried, but I really like how well the fish goes with the mix of Thai herbs and spices plus the Chu Chee Chili paste (usually comes in a can), very mild and slightly creamy, sweet and sour, with some crunchy asparagus topped with bits and pieces of fried onion and garlic.
Another favorite is the Eggplant Thai Basil with beef, big chunks of soft eggplant, tender juicy beef, a fresh handful of basil and lime leaves, with sweet bell pepper and spicy chili paste, it’s very tasty, too bad it’s also very oily, very very oily, which is a shame.
Lunch specials are a steal, $10 for appetizer, main course and a soda, I don’t know about you, but this is way more satisfying than a super sized big mac in my opinion, but probably just as bad for you… and REALLY OILY … oh well, some days you just need it.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 2.5
224 East 51st

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