Lulu & Mooky’s: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Dear Food Diary:
I was on a exciting “molecular gastronomy” adventure last week. First WD-50 (post to come) and then, stopped by Lulu & Mooky’s on Friday after a long day at work, had to work late on a Friday night! can you believe it? #$#%$%$ I was burning with rage, thankfully the liquid nitrogen ice cream cooled me down, actually that and the 40 degree weather outside.
According to the “mad scientist”, they haven’t really officially opened, so the place looks a bit messy and unfinished. He was friendly, but seemed more of an introvert, who at all times was concentrated on the “formulas” and mixing the requested “flavors” in his very cute pink mixers.
A whole blackboard of flavors and infinite possibilities, beat this Baskin Robbins! Many of your usual fruity ones, but some really stood out, hmmm… hot sauce? savory? salt? and my personal favorite TAP WATER? As interesting as those seemed, I opted for something less bizarre, Pear and Basil (you can mix and match any of the flavors you fancy, so let your imagination run wild!)
I guess, it’s no surprise that nothing is “natural”, everything comes from these bottles, and pitchers of cream. This ain’t your ordinary parlor, nothing is pre-done, every flavor is “custom” made, at most 2 at a time.
Here he is making my Pear+Basil flavor:
And voila, my Pear and Basil creation for $3, good size and price. First spoonful I had to ask him if he did the right concoction, he explained that because I mixed, sometimes it’s hard to tell what it will become. I guess I had all these fresh flavor profiles in mind, but his was artificial flavoring. It wasn’t bad, actually it was yummy, but nothing new, just tasted like toffee/cream. The secret is to go for ONE flavor at a time, he gave me a sample of Passionfruit, which was very intense and fruity, a wise suggestion indeed. So I take it back, don’t go crazy with the mixing as tempting as it is, just stick to one flavor at a time, or get 2 and mix them as you’re eating, one bite of each or something. Also ask for extra frozen, way more fun, it’s really hard, but once it melts it becomes very creamy.

It was VERY FUN to watch, but I wasn’t blown away, maybe because I was at WD-50 the night before and my palate was still on a field trip and lingering the tastes and textures it pleasantly discovered. But that aside, although bringing liquid nitrogen to the masses is a genius idea, it just shouted for another wow factor. The ice cream was good, but that alone won’t keep me going back, once you’ve seen it, it looses its novelty. I’m thinking maybe liquid nitrogen frozen bits of fruit or herbs? imagine a cool crunchiness in every bite and exhaling, like a cold winter day, how fun right?

It’s already starting to feel like winter, and with no seating and only limited space for customers to stand, I wonder if this will take off anytime soon.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:

129 Allen St.

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