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SULLIVAN ST BAKERY: Swoon by carbs

Sullivan St. Bakery - on a lazy saturday 2

Dear Food Diary:
Any given weekend morning, you can find me sitting by the window at Hell’s Kitchen’s Sullivan St Bakery with a big smile on my face. Greasy fingers, trying to juggle the camera, iPhone and my next bite of cauliflower pizza. Sweet baked goods are pleasantly chased by a simple cup of coffee before I head out to explore the city.

Swoon by carbs every time.

MANGO MANGO 許留山: HK Hui Lau Shan Dessert Chain in NYC

mango mango 許留山 in Chinatown NYC

Dear Food Diary:
Anyone with who’s been to 許留山 Hui Lau Shan in HK or any of their franchises in Asia will tell you about their amazing desserts. Specially the mango options (my favorite). Sweet, perfectly ripen mangos are almost buttery. With a dollop of coconut icy, black sticky rice and or some mango on mango action with mango puree and pudding. Very balanced and not overly sweet.

In NYC however, we’ve been seriously deprived of that. A few years ago, a short lived version of it popped up on Centre St. It has since turned into a Japanese style Maid Cafe *rolling eyes*.

But now, we’ve got Mango Mango 許留山. This famous Hong Kong dessert chain finally has a little spot in NYC. Bayard St. in Chinatown to be exact. Sweet!

DOUGH’SSANT at Chikalicious: cronut inspired yumminess

chikalicious Dessert Club - Dough'ssant - cronut like 2

Dear Food Diary:
“Copy” versions of Dominique Ansel’s sweet hybrid cronut (you might of heard about it? LOL) have been popping up from NY to Tokyo.

I was surprised that even Chikalicious, one of my favorite dessert spots in the city, have jumped on the cronut wagon. I’ve yet to try the real deal, but one dreamy dough’ssant bite later, I finally understood the craze.

If the cronut is anything like this dough’ssant, I’d bet my sweet tooth all this ain’t just a hype and we’ll be eating a lot more of it.

TREEHAUS: Brooklyn’s DOUGH doughnuts in the city


Dear Food Diary:
Treehaus is my favorite new addition to the Midtown East area. Totally unlike the usual Asian deli (so tired of those duplicate copies). The space is bright, airy and it feels like being in Brooklyn. Sweet coffee shop in the front, juice bar, futuristic steam table on the side (American comfort with a French twist) and tons of different food choices in the back.

Yesterday afternoon I went back for their creamy latte and OMG!!! (yes, I’m getting all valley girl here)… seriously! OMG!!! I saw a couple rows of doughnuts and I knew they were from DOUGH. Woohooo!!! My plan to get a beach ready body (going to DR on Friday) was put on hold yet again and I indulged… Oh, yes, I, did…

LA CHURRERIA: Finally found churros like the ones in Buenos Aires

la churreria

Dear Food Diary:
After Taco Tuesday at Pinche Taqueria (serious cheap eats btw), I was in the mood for something sweet. La Churreria was a block away, which was perfect. Plus, it’s been on my eats list for a while.

I’ve been accustomed to the versions of churros served in the States and wasn’t really expecting these to be different. Fried dough is good, but fried crispy dough that can take me back to my childhood breakfast moments would be totally amazing and these turned out to be just that. The churros rellenos aka filled, were the closest to the ones I grew up eating in my beloved Buenos Aires.