SULLIVAN ST BAKERY: Swoon by carbs

Sullivan St. Bakery - on a lazy saturday 2

Dear Food Diary:
Any given weekend morning, you can find me sitting by the window at Hell’s Kitchen’s Sullivan St Bakery with a big smile on my face. Greasy fingers, trying to juggle the camera, iPhone and my next bite of cauliflower pizza. Sweet baked goods are pleasantly chased by a simple cup of coffee before I head out to explore the city.

Swoon by carbs every time.

Sullivan St. Bakery - on a lazy saturday
This pretty much sums it up. Simple pleasures in life. 


Sullivan St. Bakery - Cauliflower pizza
Sullivan St. Bakery - Cauliflower pizza 2
Cauliflower Pizza
Shaved cauliflower, green olives on a thin cracker like dough. Crispy and chewy, it’s like flatbread but elevated. Garlicky with chili flakes and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Unexpected heat in one bite, savory, a little burnt edges on the next. Pops of olives burst with bright tartness. I usually ask for the pieces on the corner – I like the extra crunch. 

The mushroom and zucchini are also good options. 


Sullivan St. Bakery - Canotto Salato
Canotto Salato
Anything with prosciutto calls me by name. The saltiness with fatty and sweet finish is fantastic with this mascarpone filled brioche. That melted  gruyere crust is the beginning of a mouthful with heavenly textures. Soft, creamy, salty and sweet. Another layer of sweetness from hints of fennel seeds that resemble that of licorice. Just a little bit, not to overpower.


Sullivan St. Bakery - Canotto Dolce
Canotto Dolce
The brioche bread is soft pillow of butter. The creamy mascarpone is cut by seasonal fruit and a crumble for extra texture. Sweet indeed.


Sullivan St. Bakery - Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
I love the darker edges. Burnt in the best way possible. Crunchy butter filled and ideal for dunking in milk or coffee.


Sullivan St. Bakery - biscotti and cookies
A wall of goodies to take home. So tempting.

Sullivan St. Bakery
So many breads and goodies to choose from. It’s hard not to get swoon.

Getting there early is key. Once some of the favorites are sold out, they might not appear again for the day.


P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
533 West 47th st.

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