Tsushima: Freshest sashimi & Best lunch deals, specially on Tuesdays

Dear Food Diary:
Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means Tsushima (Owned by the Chef pictured above) will have their Tsushima’s Chirashi Special, freshest sashimi around, with well seasoned sushi rice (not over powered by vinegar and mushy), seasonal side and miso soup. It’s such an awesome steal ($13.50) that I would cross-town, take the train, or walk 10 blocks for it. And this is why, I *heart* Tuesday.

Look at this beautiful assortment of yummyness! Huge shrimps, and all that mouthwatering sashimi. I’m drooling over my keyboard, can’t wait to go again tomorrow, the following Tuesday and the next.
They have pretty awesome specials every day, like Wednesday is Ramen with a rice bowl :
Salt based soup, with perfectly al dente noodles, bamboo shoots, strings of fresh scallions, 2 pieces of pork with marbled fatty goodness and a whole scallop with the roe sack, so good, a bit on the salty side, but the soup is also very rich and has a sweet after taste, I finish every drop. Usually I’m really full with just this big bowl of ramen and take the rice dish home for dinner, or just order the ramen alone for $9.50.
Thursdays they have a Japanese Style Seafood Paella, which is very tasty as well. Overall, they have a good variety of sushi and a la carte dishes.
Another one of my favorites is their A&B Special (on the menu everyday), comes with miso soup, fresh meslin salad with house made carrot/ginger dressing, golden brown assortment of crispy and non oily tempura, choice between california or spicy tuna roll (I’d go with tuna), and as if that wasn’t enough, you also get a choice of 2 entrees, I love the melt in you mouth sashimi and teriyaki scallops (2 whole scallops, pan fried until the teriyaki sauce is caramelized, the edges crispy and the roe sack is intact, so unbelievably tasty).
Dinner is a bit pricier, but very fair since the quality is always above standards.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
141 E 47th St
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