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Sakamai Brunch with a Japanese twist

sakamai brunch

Dear Food Diary:
Been a fan of Sakamai and couldn’t wait to try their brunch with a Japanese twist.
Happy to report “egg on egg on egg” is on the menu!

YAKINIKU GEN: Carnivore Happy Hour

Yakiniku Gen

Dear Food Diary:
My ability to hold alcohol has gone down dramatically in these past years, so the words Happy Hour usually just means a glass of wine – two if I want to be wild. But a Carnivore style Happy Hour? Sign me up! This Chubby can eat her weight in red meat (the Argentinean in me is giving myself a hi-five).

Last weekend, my friend W introduced me to Yakiniku Gen’s Happy Hour at Midtown East (my old stomping ground). $2.50 sake, you bet I went crazy and got another round. Plus, lots of grilled meat, meat side dishes, ramen and more.

Now that’s what I call “happy hour”.

Sushi Yasaka: Amazingly affordable omakase on the UWS

sushi yasaka

Dear Food Diary:
As I looked back at 2013, Sushi Yasaka turned out to be my most visited restaurant (Opentable is probably sending my rewards check as I type).

A neighborhood Japanese spot that serves an amazing yet affordable omakase ($45) and mini omakase ($24).

SAKAMAI: Egg on Egg on Egg


Dear Food Diary:
Right before leaving for Japan this summer, my friend J and I had a great get together over sake and Japanese style tapas at SakaMai.

Their Egg on Egg on Egg has been on my mind ever since (even after coming back from Japan). Definitely one the highlights of our meal.

YUJI RAMEN: 5 course ramen omakase tasting

YUJI RAMEN - smorgasburg to whole foods bowery

Dear Food Diary:
Yuji Ramen took the spot at Smorgasburg Whole Foods Bowery last week. The Brooklyn based Ramen Lab has been a regular at Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea, serving up his experimental Mazemen (ramen sans broth) with local and sustainable ingredients.

Until May 12th, Yuji gets a chance to show off his signature mazemen creations lunch/dinner/takeout. At night, he’s full on play mode, torching ingredients and re-shaping ramen dough for his unique 5 course Omakase Tastings ($40). 2 seatings of 6 seats at a time, all tickets sold out in 2 days.